2013 Iron Spring Farm Keuring Championship Awards

March 6, 2014

2013 Iron Spring Farm Keuring Championship Awards


The Iron Spring Keuring Championship Awards recognize the champion and reserve champion Foal and Mature Horse
(three- to seven-year-old stallion, mare or gelding) in all breeding directions.

Izara ISFInvincible P-FBHIntoxicatingIvy League







Elation KF


Falona DG



Dejavu WH



Young Horse Classes

Foals/Weanlings: Dressage

North American Champion
Izara ISF
UB 40 x Watch Me elite sport/dr by Sir Sinclair
Owner/Breeder: Iron Spring Farm, Inc., PA

Reserve Champion
Itolimbria DG
Totilas erkend x Valeska-DG elite by Krack C
Owner/Breeder: DG Bar Breeders, Inc., CA

Foals/Weanlings: Jumper

North American Champion
Invincible P-FBH
Cardento erkend x Rolanda elite by Ahorn pref
Owner/Breeder:  Prima Equestrian, ON

Reserve Champion
Isaac Fig Newton
Bosch Blue x Beasinaa keur by Pyriet
Owner/Breeder:  Doreen & Cindy Orr, Decorr Farms, AB

Foals/Weanlings:  Hunter

North American Champion
Redwine x Bittersweet prok by Inspekteur
Owner/Breeder:  Christine Miller, Oakmont Farm, FL

Foals/Weanlings:  Gelders

North American Champion
Ivy League
Paganini crown x Adessa keur by Koss pref
Owner/Breeder:  Beverley Hilton, Hilton Hall Sporthorses, ON


Studbook Inspection Classes

Geldings & Stallions – Dressage

North American Champion
  Finn  Ster
Jazz pref x Le Diamant ster by Sauvage Diamant
Owner: Diane B. Seddon, Waterloo Farm;
Breeder: Victoria Lamas-Wanner, Greifenstein Farm, PA

Reserve Champion
Fleetwood ISF  Ster
UB 40 x Toraya ster pref by Goodtimes
Owner/Breeder:  Iron Spring Farm, Inc., PA

Stb/Star: Hunter Geldings & Stallions

North American Champion
Elation KF  Ster
Great Pleasure x Raise Your Wings by Present Value
Owner/Breeder:  Kimberlee Von Disterlo, Kimberlee Farms, CA

Reserve Champion
First Mate KF  Ster
Popeye-K x Zadira ster by Great Pleasure
Owner/Breeder:  Kimberlee Von Disterlo, Kimberlee Farms, CA

Stb/Star: 3-7 Yr Old Dressage Mares

North American Champion
Falona DG  Ster, keur/elig
Idocus crown x Satina ster pref by Contango pref
Owner/Breeder:  DG Bar Breeders, Inc., CA

Reserve Champion
  Feikje Balia P.  Ster, keur/elig
Contango pref x Zebalia SHB ster ibop/dr by Flemmingh pref
Owner/Breeder:  Klaas and Mares Vanderploeg, MI

Stb/Star: 3-7 Yr Old Hunter Mares

North American Champion
  Edelwiess-GSH   Ster, keur/elig
Riverman x Just For Fun by Consul
Owner/Breeder:  Sarah A. Shelor, Grassfields Sporthorses, PA

Reserve Champion
  Farandola  Ster, keur/elig
Navarone x Tarantella by Idocus crown
Owner/Breeder:  Sandi Lieb, FL

Stb/Star: 3-7 Yr Old Gelders Mares

North American Champion
  Faith  Ster, keur/elig
Koss pref x Mary Jane ster by Fabricius pref
Owner/Breeder:  A.M. Smit, Bearberry Guest Ranch, AB

Stb/Star: 3-7 Yr Old KHH Mares

North American Champion
 Déjàvu WH  Ster
Horal licensed x Kimberly keur by Renovo pref
Owner: Jonas K. Lengacher; Breeder: Windholme Farm, LLC, VA

Horses must be bred and born in North America. Foals must earn a minimum of 75 points and mature horses must earn a minimum score of 145 points from the KWPN-NA jury. Breeders of champions receive $500 and breeders of reserve champions receive $250 in prize money.