2012 KWPN-NA Special Awards

February 8, 2012

2012 KWPN-NA Special Awards


2012Special AwardsThe Special Awards were announced at the recent Annual Meeting in Holland.

Gert van der Veen Award

Dileva    The jumper mare Dileva (Wittinger x Peleve keur by Kojak x Boreas), bred by Chr.J. Klok and owned by Claybrook Farm, really stood out during free jumping. Dileva had an easy, clear canter with quick reflexes. Her technique, scope and the fact that Dileva really wanted to jump made her a mare to see and earned her. With a 70 for conformation and an 85 for jumping, Dileva earned her Ster predicate and became eligible for keur.

This award was established in memory of Gert van der Veen. He was the tie between the NA/WPN and the KWPN for 15 years. Gert van der Veen was the head of the NA/WPN keuring jury for 13 years and an ex-officio member of the NA/WPN Board of Directors. He supported and believed in the NA/WPN through the tough early years. He was generous with his time and knowledge. He was a good friend and a much admired colleague.

Horse of the Year
sponsored by Iron Spring Farm

Romantovich Take One
Numero Uno x O’Niel by Karandasj
Owner: Candy Tribble, Breeder: J.W. de Waal Malefijt, Rider: Christine McCrae

2011 Highlights

Pan American Games
Rotterdam CSIO5*
Dublin CSIO5*
Hickstead CSIO5*
Falsterbo CSIO5*
St. Gallen CSIO5*
Rome CSIO5*
Individual and Team Gold
6th Nations Cup
5th Nations Cup
3rd FEI Nations Cup of Great Britain
6th Nations Cup
4th Nations Cup, 3rd Longines Grand Prix
7th Nations Cup

Breeder of the Year
sponsored by Claybrook Farms

Dr. Sandi Lieb   Dr. Sandi Lieb is the first breeder to achieve the KWPN-NA Breeders’ Recognition Award – Gold Level. This award recognizes a breeder who has accomplished significant results throughout the years with their breeding program. Dr. Lieb was ranked #8 for 2011 USEF Dressage Sport Horse Breeders. Sandi has successfully presented horses at keurings, had horses in the Top Fives (Ten) and bred horses that are successful in sport. In 2011 her mare Cormorant was awarded the PROK predicate and did a successful IBOP.

Member of the Year
sponsored by Loucky Hagens Groosman

Faith Fessenden   Faith Fessenden has done a tremendous effort in preparing the first KWPN-NA Keuring Webinar. The education benefits and the number of people reached have exceeded all expectations. Faith has found a great educational tool and will continue to work on preparing new Webinars.

 Other Awards

Besides awards for the owners of Top Fives horses, the KWPN-NA also offers awards for breeders. These awards are the Breeders Achievement Awards, based on keuring and sport results of horses bred, and the Keuring Championship Awards, based on keuring results of horses bred. There is also an award for the highest scoring foal resulting from the previous year’s Stallion Service Auction.

Breeders Achievement Awards:

An award to recognize breeders that have reached significant results throughout the years with their breeding program.
Breeder                                             Level                                       Points Earned
Julie Ballard Haralson           Silver Level                               31 Points Earned
Merijane McTalley                         Silver Level                               42 Points Earned
Martha Haley                                   Silver Level                               34 Points Earned.
Prima Equestrian                           Silver Level                               43 Points Earned

Keuring Championship Awards

Awards for the breeders of the North American bred Champion and Reserve Champion Foals, Geldings and Mares (aged 3 – 5) in all five breeding directions that earn a minimum of 75 points in a foal premium grading class or studbook inspection class.

Young Horse Premium Grading

Foals/Weanlings: Dressage

  • North American Champion: Gaspard Dela Nuit DG (Ravel crown x Ceolieta elite by Sir Donnerhall)
    Owner/Breeder: DG Bar Breeders and Four Winds Farm
  • Reserve Champion: Genius MVS (Uphill x Lumara keur pref sport/dr by Flemmingh pref)
    Owner/Breeder: Jackie Ahl-Eckhaus, Mountain View Sport Horses

Foals/Weanlings: Jumper

  • North American Champion: Griffin ISF (Consul x L.Titty 51 ster by Germus R)
    Owner/Breeder: Iron Spring Farm, Inc.
  • Reserve Champion: Gracerusa CBF (Laroche x Orusa H keur by Indoctro pref)
    Owner/Breeder: Claybrook Farms

Foals/Weanlings: Harness

  • North American Champion: Glamorita (Jonker x Bestorita by Makari Extraordinair)
    Owner/Breeder: Myron Miller
  • Reserve Champion: Gambler (Whiskei x Canadian Goddess by Canadance)
    Owner: Aristocrat Stables; Breeder: Lester Graber

Studbook Inspection

Geldings: Dressage

  • North American Champion: Dexter Ster Q (Johnson x Whitney H by Houston keur)
    Owner: Chris Preston; Breeder: Esther de Jong
  • Reserve Champion: Capote Ster Q (UB 40 x Willa by Contester)
    Owner: Kimberly Belka; Breeder: Anna M. Beal

Geldings: Jumper

  • Reserve Champion: Dartmouth Ster Q (Laroche x Cheek To Cheek Z by Carthago Z)
    Owner/Breeder: Virginia J. McNeil, Horseshoe Trail Farm,LLC

Mares: Dressage

  • North American Champion: Zoe Isabella Keur (Kevekko x Jubel by Rampal crown)
    Owner/Breeder: Sharyl S Hilliard, Road’s End Farm
  • Reserve Champion:Darling-ISF Ster K/Elig (Sir Sinclair x Saigon elite by Jazz pref)
    Owner/Breeder: Iron Spring Farm

Mares: Jumper

  • Reserve Champion: Dena SCF Ster (Judgement-ISF crown x Karen J by A.P Jet)
    Owner: Jay Howlett, True North Farm; Breeder: Dr. Carlos and Karin Jimenez

Mares: Hunter

  • North American Champion: Diva HWF Ster K/Elig (Sir Sinclair x Zen Peche HWF ster by Contango pref)
    Owner: Jennifer Gebhart; Breeder: Julia Snyder
  • Reserve Champion: Colbalt Blue Keur (Sir Sinclair x Olivia by Roemer pref)
    Owner: Gail Lind; Breeder: Dr. Charles C. Wilson

Winning Foal from 2010 Stallion Service Auction:

A $250.00 award for the breeder of the highest ranking foal in any of the five breeding directions of the KWPN-NA that is the result of the stallion service auction, is shown during the year following the stallion service auction and scores 65 points or higher.
The winning from the 2011 keuring is Gigi WF (Zion JC x V. Double Duchess by Fabricius pref) bred and owned by Carrie O’Brien of Willow Spring Farm in Oregon