2019 Report From The Road- Valleyfield Farm (AB)

September 5, 2019

2019 Report From The Road- Valleyfield Farm (AB)


Report From the Road – Valleyfield Farm (AB) Date: 9 1 2019

Host: Ellicia Edgar

Jury: Bart Henstra & Henk Dirksen


We started off our 2019 KWPN-NA Keuring tour for riding horses at the well equipped Valley Field Farm. This site had a good amount of entries and offers good footing for the horses.

The day started with IBOP for the Jumping Horses. The highest score was awarded to the 6 year old gelding, Igor K (Cardento x Usrania by Gran Corrado), owned by Ellicia Edgar of Valleyfield Farm. Igor K had previously been presented at the stallion show in Holland and made it to the Third Round selection (3e bezichtiging). He seems to be a very talented and athletic jumping horse. Under saddle he shows great attitude, reflexes, a quick and powerful takeoff and athletic scope. He received an overall score of 86 (9’s for reflexes and attitude). Also in the Global Equine Sires Cup, Igor K scored an 86 in total. With these high scores in the GES Cup and IBOP, Igor K deservedly earned the ribbon for best adult jumper of this keuring. The licensed stallion Messenger VF (Monte Bellini x NEC Plus Ultra by Darco), Owner/Breeder: Ellicia Edgar, Valleyfield Farm was also presented in the IBOP and GES cup under saddle. This scopey stallion improves in jumping technique when the fences get higher. He could be quicker in his reflexes, but shows good rideability and scope.

Messenger VF

Jumper Mares for Studbook/Ster:

The mare Kalipso KVS (Phin Phin pref x Cirkeness by Crusador), Owner/Breeder: Arie Koppe, KVS Sport Horses, earned her ster predicate today with a passing score of 75 in her IBOP. This longlined mare could be more muscled in her topline, but she is correct and well developed. In her IBOP she seemed to be careful and has a very good attitude for jumping. Her leg technique is good, but she could be better in her body use. Also the 7 year old Fun Times (Toulon x Cavalier Unlimited by Last Diamond), Owner: Valleyfield Farm was awarded her ster. This sufficiently longlined mare showed good technique in her jumping, however her canter could be longer strided. Two older mares were also presented, each receiving 75 for their conformation scores. Charlotte DE (Charisma x Pretty by Potsdam), Owner: Valleyfield Farm and Oralia D’Auge (Parco x Vaite by Narcos), Owner: Valleyfield Farm. Both mares are well proportioned and correctly built. Because both mares had a foal at their side, they did not free jump. Due to this, they enter the studbook but are not eligible for the ster predicate.

Jumper Geldings:

A high score of 86.5 in the GES cup for 4y old K.Doctor Go VF (Go Go Gadget out of the keur sport mare Whistler by Indoctro), Owner/Breeder: Valleyfield Farm. This gelding has a powerful and quick upward takeoff, good leg technique and bascule on the jump. He seems to be careful and shows athletic scope. K. Doctor Go VF has a very good overview and is eager in jumping.


Dressage Mares for Studbook/Ster:

High score adult Dressage horses was awarded to the 17 year old mare Valerie Diar (Junior STV x Camira by G.Ramiro Z pref), Lessee: Maile de Goeij, Sunshine Meadows. This sport predicated dressage mare has sufficient length in her body, is well muscled with lean and correct legs. She earned her Elite predicate today.

Valerie Diar elite

Yearlings – Jumper:

A good group of yearlings was presented at the keuring. The high score young jumper was awarded to Nirvana VF (Messenger VF x Bini-Balou ster Sport (sp) by Balou du Rouet), Owner/Breeder: Valleyfield Farm. This well developed and longlined filly is correctly build with good jumper type.

Especially her canter was powerful and athletic, with good length of stride and balance. Second place was for the mare Notorious VF (Messenger VF xYabba Dabba Dou by Cassini II), Owner/Breeder: Valleyfield Farm. This well developed yearling has a good withers and a long sloping shoulder. Her canter has balance and is powerful. 3rd place was for the well developed son of Messenger VF, called Navigator VF (Messenger VF x J’Dekada by Lagrain), Owner/Breeder: Valleyfield Farm. His canter was powerful, athletic with good length of stride.


Foals/Weanlings – Jumper:

Best jumper foal was Orion VF (Quidam Blue x NEC Plus Ultra by Darco), Owner/Breeder: Valleyfield Farm, out of the dam of Messenger. This well developed, expressive colt is well proportioned and has a long croup. His canter is active with sufficient length of stride. 2nd placed was the filly Odyssey VDH (Arezzo VDL keur x Bellara by Indoctro pref) Owner/Breeder: Brian and Kathleen Vander Helm. This well built filly has a good jumper type with correct legs. Her canter is active with sufficient use of her body.




First Premiums



Foals/Weanlings – Dressage

O’Canada (Don Deluxe/OO Seven) 70/74
Foals/Weanlings – Jumper

Orion VF (Quidam Blue/Darco)



Odette VF (Messenger VF/ Parco) 72/70
Odyssey VDH (Arezzo/Indoctro) 78/70
Oh La La (Air Jordan /Indoctro) 74/72
Yearlings – Jumper

Navigator VF (Messenger VF/Lagrain)



New York VF(Messenger VF/Indoctro) 74/68
Nirvana VF (Messenger VF/Balou du Rouet) 76/80
Nova VF (Messenger VF /Von Burggraaf) 75/73
Notorious VF (Messenger VF/Cassini II) 77/77
Nebraska VF (Chicago/Darco) 68/72
2 Year Olds – Dressage:

Maorga SSM (Flemmingh /Ferro)




Maorga SSM

2 Year Olds – Jumper:

Maddam VF (Messenger VF/Von Burggraaf)



STB/Ster Mares – Jumper:

Fun Times (Toulon/Last Diamond)





Kalipso KVS (Phin Phin/Crusador) 70/75 Ster

STB/Ster Mares – Dressage:

Valerie Diar (Junior STV/G.Ramiro Z)





GES Cup 3 Yr Olds

Lordana KVS (Cavalier/Contender)             66

GES Cup 4 Yr Olds

Kalipso KVS (Phin Phin/Crusador)              76.5

Goliath H VDL Z (Gare du Nord/Cardento)  73

K Doctor Go VF (Go Go Gadget/Indoctro)    86.5

GES Cup 5-8 Yr Olds

Igor K (Cardento/Gran Corrado)                   86

Messenger VF (Monte Bellini/Darco)           76

Jumping IBOP

Kalipso KVS (Phin Phin/Crusador)               75

Igor K (Cardento/Gran Corrado)                   86