2019 Report from the Road- Elkhart Co. Fairgrounds (IN)

September 6, 2019

2019 Report from the Road- Elkhart Co. Fairgrounds (IN)


Aug 30 & Aug 31, 2019
Goshen, Indiana
Jury: Viggon van Beest & Johan Hamminga
Hosts: David Beachy and Wim CazemierGood quality KWPN Harness Horses in Goshen Keuring 2019!

Friday and Saturday, the first KWPN-NA harness horse keuring was held in Goshen, IN at the Elkhart Co. Fairgrounds. This first keuring was successful with good quality harness horses and with very good winners in all classes. Also the location, the hospitality and weather helped to make it a great event.

Eight fillies and four colts competed for the championship and all foals received a first premium. In total, six foals were selected for the final.
The overall champion was awarded to Osualdo J&S (Jaleet ster IBOP (tp) PROK x Incredible Babe J&S keur IBOP by Cizandro), owned by Joseph L. Schwartz. This well developed colt fits the harness type very well with lean leg quality, a great front with a long neck and strong connections. He also has nice withers and a good shoulder. In trot he showed very well with expression and outstanding front, good power generation from his hindquarter and lots of balance and suspension.

Osualdo J&S
Four fillies and three colts competed for the championship and just like the Foalbook and Reg. A foals, all received a first premium.
Two of them were selected for the final, and Optimus Prime (Gerome x Unora Vb by Patijn pref) owned by Jason Stronks was awarded as overall champion.
This nice harness type colt has a uphill body direction with very strong connections, lean legs and a nice croup. He also features very well connected loins. In trot he showed very well with nice front and he bends his joints very well and also shows a lot technique.
The young mare Margarita (Governor x Gumaldine OMHG ster by Atleet ) owned by David and Lorene Beachy was presented and awarded with a first premium and invitation for the overall championship. This mare fits the harness type well; she is very well developed with a very strong topline containing nice withers. In trot she showed a lot action and technique.

One mare was presented in this class and she became Ster and also received an invitation for the overall Championship. This very refined mare Lillian (Vaandrager HBC x Gentana Keur IBOP by Cizandro) owned by Glen Yoder has youth and fits the harness type very well. She also possesses good hooves, a very nice head and lean leg quality.
In her fancy and expressive trot, she shows very good foreleg and hindleg action and it’s really impossible to miss her outstanding front.

Lillian ster
4 YEARS and OLDER studbook inspection for mares
Two were presented and one of them can become Ster after she passes the IBOP and the required veterinary work.
This mare, Heartbreaker (Whiskei x Canadian Empress by Canadance) owned by Melvin S. Stoltzfus Jr. of Round Top Stables, was also invited for the overall championship and has a strong harness type. In trot she bends her joints very well and scores sufficient in all elements.

4-7YEARS OLD keur mares
Two mares were presented in this class and Jemarina keur IBOP (Ditisem x Ballerina Keur pref sport by Vaandrager HBC) owned by Rocky Ridge Stable was invited for the overall championship. This nicely refined mare with lean legs and a long neck trots with a good foreleg action and technique.
Margarita, Lillian, Heartbreaker and Jemarina competed for the overall Championship, and due toa second very good presentation over the two days, Lillian (Vaandrager HBC x Gentana Keur IBOP by Cizandro) owned by Glen Yoder became the proud winner.
STALLIONS for licensing
One stallion was linear scored and invited for the alternative IBOP on Friday. After passing, he was again invited for the regular IBOP on Saturday. He passed the second IBOP as well, and this impressive and strong Gerome (Jonker x Anna Keur by Manno) owned by Jason Stronks fits the harness type well, has lean legs, a nice shoulder and outstanding withers. He shows a lot of front and action in his foreleg and develops good suspension. Due to his very powerful hindquarter he also showed lots of self-carriage and balance. Gerome may continue in the process to become a KWPN licensed stallion. At this stage he only needs to pass his vet work to become licensed.

FINE HARNESS CUP, Sponsored by Natural Way MineralsTwo mares and two stallions were presented for the harness classes, and were driven on Friday and Saturday.
The mare Iota (Silver Oaks Cartier x Silonda by Lorton) owned by Martin M. Smucker won on Friday, and the mare Charisma keur (Vaandrager x Kind Lady by Fortissimo) owned by Douwe Plantinga, Pleasant Hill Farm won on Saturday.
The Licensed stallion Governor (Cizandro x Penny Keur by Fabricius pref) owned by David and Lorene Beachy and Ivan Fisher of Rocky Ridge Stables won on Friday, and the licensed stallion Holland ster IBOP PROK (Colonist x Seronica Elite Sport by Larix keur) owned by Enos E.R. Schwartz of Curve Way Stables won on Saturday.
New this year was the opportunity to gain points that will count toward earning the Sport predicate, and points from 7,5 up to 8,5 were given to qualified horses.

Charisma keur


Holland ster IBOP PROK
Thank you Natural Way Minerals for your support of the KWPN-NA! To learn more about Natural Way Minerals, please visit their website at https://naturalwayminerals.com/.