20 Harness horse stallions selected for Den Bosch

January 28, 2016

20 Harness horse stallions selected for Den Bosch


The first round viewing of the Harness horse stallions attracted many visitors to the KWPN/KNHS-centre in Ermelo today. 44 stallions made an appearance, 20 of them received an invitation to the second round viewing in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and eleven got declared ‘ster’.

The stallion selection committee, comprised of chairman Johan Hamminga, Lammert Tel, Gert-Jan Hermanussen and inspector Piet Lelieveld were satisfied about the quality, which was significantly improved compared to the previous year. According to Johan Hamminga both the leading group was better and there was more quality horizontally. Several stallions attained their advancement through so-called bonus points, pedigree credits that can be used for compensation within the context of inbreeding control.

The videos of all harness horse stallions that participated in the first round viewing on Saturday the 2nd of January can be found at KWPN.tv! You can find the video of each KWPN-stallion under the item ‘Stallion Selection’ –> ‘First Round Viewing 2015/2016’ –> ‘Harness Horse Stallions 02-01-2016’. Via the button ‘Horse Information’ (underneath the video) all information about the specific stallion is accessible.

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The following three-year-olds were advanced:
Cat. nr. 626- I Weet Maar Nooit (Atleet x Fabricius), f. fam. Van Vemde, Epe, ger. J.J. van der Meulen, Broek
Cat. nr. 629- Icellie (Bocellie x Jonker), f/ger. J.R. Bosch, Hellendoorn
Cat. nr. 630 – Ivanhoe-T (Cizandro x Koblenz), f. H.H.J. Tonnaer, Ysselstein, ger. J. Strootman, Garmerwolde
Cat. nr. 633 – Icandro (Cizandro x Roy M), f. T. van Laar, Rhenen, ger. gebr. Van Manen, Ede
Cat. nr. 634 – Iwan (Cizandro x Unieko), f. W.L. Ruinemans, Rhenen, ger. U. Haarsma, Tjerkwerd
Cat. nr. 639 – Indiana ( Colonist x Manno), f/g. W.G. Cazemier, Nuis/A. Veenstra, Opende
Cat. nr. 641 – Iowa (Colonist x Waterman) f/g. R. Aalders, Nieuw-Roden, mede-ger. W.G. Cazemier, Nuis
Cat. nr. 644 – Icoon (Colonist x Plain’s Liberator), f. gebr. Kimenai, Dongen, ger. HBC-Stal, Boyl
Cat. nr. 646 – Itisem HBC (Ditisem x Victory), f/ger. HBC-Stal, Boyl
Cat. nr. 647 – Imposant (Ditisem x Unieko), f. R.A.G. van ’t Klooster, Eemnes, ger. A.P. Both, Voorthuizen
Cat. nr. 648 – Idealist (Eebert x Waldemar), f. G.J.H. en G. Hermanussen, Beers, ger. U. Haarsma, Tjerkwerd/HBC-stal Boyl
Cat. nr. 649 – Imposant (Eebert x Uromast) f. N.W.C. Augustinus, Ommeren, ger. Zilvia’s Hoeve, Houten en Anemeone’s Horse Home, Scherpenzeel
Cat. nr. 653 – Idoll (Manno x Plain’s Liberator), f. P. de Groot, Leerdam, ger. Hengstenhouderij Landzicht, Giessenburg
Cat. nr. 654 – Inovo (Marvel x Kolonel), f/ger. J. Castelijns, Hapert
Cat. nr. 658 – Imposant (Waterman x Renovo), f. E. Lokhorst, Vierhouten, ger. J.J. van der Meulen, Broek
Cat. nr. 659 – Inposant (Wentworth Ebony x Milano) f/ger. J.G. Lokhorst, Kamperveen, mede.ger. L. Huckriede, Enschede
Cat. nr. 660 – Incognito (Zepplin x Heiring Out), f/ger. Hengstenhouderij Landzicht, Giessenburg

Four- and five-year-olds:
Cat. nr. 663 – Highlight W (Colonist x Reflex M), f. J.W. van Wessel, Zwartebroek, ger. J.J. van der Meulen, Broek
Cat. nr. 668 – Hudson (Crescendo HBC x Marvel), f. J. Hulst, Punthorst, ger. A. Okkema, Siegerswoude
Cat. nr. 672 – Zesjarige Hackneyhengst Raffles (Shanie Strikeler x Jupiter), f. E. Emmink, Langedijke, ger. J.M. van den Westen, Den Hout/P. Vugts, Vught