Announcement: An Exciting Opportunity for Young KWPNNA Members/Future Members

April 22, 2016

Announcement: An Exciting Opportunity for Young KWPNNA Members/Future Members


Want to be part of the future of the KWPN-NA? Want to learn more about breeding, judging, and training sport horses? Join us for a year filled with educational opportunities, including webinars, conference calls with team members and discipline specific experts, and, hopefully, onsite training sessions.

The KWPN-NA plans to field two teams for the International Young Breeder World Championships in Calgary, July 2022, 2017. Longtime breeders, educators, and KWPN-NA enthusiasts, Scot Tolman and Faith Fessenden, have agreed to come on board as coach/mentors for our teams.

The teams will consist of four members each in the 1619 and 2025 age groups. The competition includes a theory exam, conformation judging, freejumping judging, and preparation and handling of the horse on the triangle.

The Aims of the IYB Championships are as follows:

  • bring young breeders together from different breeding associations, countries, and languages.
  • encourage the education of young people in the skills necessary for successful sport horse breeding both nationally and globally by providing an international structure for the development of competitive teams of young breeders made up of individuals able to demonstrate these skills at competitive and other events
  • organise the World Breeding Federation for Sports Horses (hereafter the WBFSH) Young Breeders World Championships to provide young breeders from all parts of the world with an opportunity to compete in different disciplines relevant to sports horse breeding.
  • above all, to get together, make new friends and create new contacts.

As mentioned above, all participants will have the opportunity for multiple training sessions with Scot, Faith, and many national and international experts over the course of the next year.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to educate, support, and celebrate the next generation of KWPN-NA breeders, riders, and trainers. The final teams can only contain four members each, but we would love to build a contingent of strong people for future teams, so we are willing to mentor/coach as many young KWPN-NA members as would like to participate.

KWPN-NA members, if you know of a young person in your area who would be excited about this opportunity, he or she does not have to be a member currently. Please, reach out to him, or her or give us a shout so we can.

For more information, contact Scot or Faith:

Scot Tolman
603 209 3243 (texts are best)

Faith Fessenden