2017 Foal Registration

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May 5, 2016

2017 Foal Registration


Online Foal Registration is LIVE

2017 Foal Registration is available for all 2017 foals whose breedings have already been recorded.  We are happy to report that this feature is live and fully functional in the KWPN-NA Portal.

Steps to register your foal:

  1. Log into the Member KWPN-NA Portal-This is found in the top left corner of the website.
  2. click on “Register a Foal”
  3. Select the appropriate mare
  4. Fill in the appropriate cells that are marked with an asterisk
  5. If there is a new owner, please fill in the appropriate information for the new owner
  6. Enter the Credit Card information
  7. Enter the Foal Pictures-Must have 4 pictures smaller than 5 GB and one from each view.  Front/Back/Left/Right side photos.
  8. Click the appropriate boxes at the bottom
  9. Click Save-Once you Save, you will receive notification that the foal is registered and the foals registration number.

If you have any issues with the foal registration, please feel free to contact the KWPN-NA office at 859-225-5331.


Note: If you have an Embryo Transfer foal, you will be required to contact the office for a birth declaration.  The registration process cannot be done through the Member Portal.