The Legacy of Proven Sports Mares – Part 2

January 7, 2021

The Legacy of Proven Sports Mares – Part 2


The legacy of proven sports mares – Part 2

In the previous KWPN Magazine we highlighted the jumping mares who, like their offspring, were active in the sport at a high level. Now it is the turn of the better KWPN dressage horses. Did these offspring also receive the valuable sports genes from the dam’s side? Did they reach top sport? Or are they well on their way to that?

Translation: Liesbeth van Woerden Original article: JUDITH MARTENS — Images: LEANJO DE KOSTER

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Niniek STV (Jazz x Faniek STV, Keur, Pref, Prest x Variant)

Vitana V. (Donnerhall x Lantana V. Ster, Pref, Prest. x Hemmingway)

Hexagon’s Roumanda (Rubiquil x Latmanda Elite, Pref, Prest, PROK x Matador)