Report from the Road – Pennock Point Sport Horses (FL)

September 25, 2019

Report from the Road – Pennock Point Sport Horses (FL)

Report from the Road – Pennock Point Sport Horses (FL)
Reddick, FL
Host: Sandi Lieb
Jury: Bart Henstra & Arie Hamoen
At the functional facilities of Pennock Point Sport horses the KWPN NA keuring of Florida was held.
The high score of the adult Dressage horses was earned by the 12 year old Sir Sinclair mare Celine (Sir Sinclair x Fair Play, Owner: Lisa Miller). This correctly built mare has a good dressage type with good length in her neck and body. She has a correct stance of legs. She competed at Prix St. George level, and therefore exemption for free movement. Celine earned her keur predicate today.

Celine, Photo by Tami Johnson
The 5 year old Javali (Ferdeaux x Dante ster IBOP (dr) PROK by Santano, Owner/Breeder: Lisa Miller) was presented in the IBOP. Javali is an elegant dressage mare. She shows a good clear walk, and an active, well balanced canter, which is easy to collect. She has a steady connection to the bridle and seems to be willing and rideable. With a passing score of 75 in her IBOP and DG Bar Cup, Javali earned her ster predicate today.

Javali, Photo: Tami Johnson
The winner of the Dressage foals is called Oakley (Secret x Zancerre PROK by Sir Sinclair, Owner/Breeder: Lisa Miller). This longlined, well developed colt is well muscled in his topline. In trot he is athletic ,with a good, expressive use of his front leg. His canter is well balanced, with sufficient length of stride and uphill tendency.

Oakley, Photo: Tami Johnson
High scored ribbon for the young Jumpers was awarded to Nenad (Fandango HX x Calida by Calido, Owner/ Breeder: Margy Hojjati). This yearling stallion has very good length in his athletic body. He showed supple trot, but especially his canter was long strided, powerful, active and very athletic.

Nenad, Photo: Tami Johnson
The highest placed Jumper foal was earned by Opus I (Champ 163 x Dido keur sport (sp) by Mr Blue, Owner: Sandra Mockoviak, Breeder: Legacy Stables ), by Champ Z out of the champion mare of 2018. This long lined, well developed colt has a long vertical neck and showed a well-balanced canter with sufficient length of stride.

Opus I, Photo: Tami Johnson
First Premiums:
Foals/Weanlings – Jumper
Opus I (Champ 163/ Mr Blue) 73/74
Osceola F (Indoctro /Navarone) 69/71
Foals/Weanlings – Dressage
Oakley (Secret/ Sir Sinclair) 74/74
Obsidiaan (Everdale/ Don Tango B) 70/70
Yearlings – Hunter
N’ The Balou (Bliss MF/ Indoctro) 71/72
Yearlings – Jumper
Nenad (Fandango HX /Calido) 75/80
STB/Ster 3 YO – Dressage
Le Paquet Total BSH (Glock’s Toto Jr./ Sir Sinclair) 70/75 Ster
STB/Ster 4 – 7 YO – Dressage
Javali (Ferdeaux/ Santano) 70/75 Ster
STB/Ster 8 YO+ – Dressage
Celine (Sir Sinclair/ Fairplay) 75/Sport Ster, Keur
IBOP – Dressage
Javali (Ferdeaux/ Santano) 75
DG Bar Cup – 5 &6 YO
Javali (Ferdeaux/ Santano) 75
Global Equine Sires Cup -3 YO
Lyonidas SH (Graf Top II/ Opan) 71.5
**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**
Photos generously provided by Tami Johnson Photography, please visit her website at to view images or book a session.