Report from the Road – (OR)

| September 25, 2019
Report from the Road – (OR)
Sherwood & Wilsonville, Oregon
Co-Hosts: Sonnenberg Farm & Wild Turkey Farm
Jury: Bart Henstra & Arie Hamoen
The well visited and organized keuring in Oregon was held at two pretty facilities, Sonnenberg Farm and Wild Turkey Farm.
We saw high quality at this last stop of our keuring tour.
High score ribbon was awarded to the Dressage filly O’Silvita FF (Franklin x Be Silvita VDL by Sandro Hit, Owner/Breeder: Ginger Mack). This well developed, long lined filly has a modern dressage type. She has very good technique in trot and canter, with powerful use of her hind leg and good reach in her front leg. With an overall score of 83 she is 2nd in the country.
2nd Place was awarded to the Charmeur son O’Romeo S (Charmeur x Evanta III MMW keur by UB 40, Owner/ Breeder: Sonnenberg Farm). This colt is strongly muscled, but could be longer lined. He impresses with his active hind leg. Both trot and canter are very powerful with good articulation and show expressive use of the front leg.
3rd place was awarded to Opulence CLF (Hennessy x Helena elite IBOP (dp) PROK by Charmeur, Owner/Breeder: Paulette Alexandria) was ranked third in this high quality group of dressage foals. This well-proportioned, long lined colt is well muscled and has a good topline. All of his gaits are supple and athletic, with good length of stride and sufficient power.
4th place was ranked Olivia ‘d Endy S (Glamourdale x Go Vowendy by Zambuka, Owner/Breeder: Sonnenberg Farm). This heavy muscled filly has a well developed, long wither and especially her canter was very well balanced and uphill with good length of stride.
5th placed Odesza (Vitalis x Izabella elite IBOP (dr) D-OC by Sezuan, Owner/Breeder: Heather Oleson) is a very elegant, modern dressage type with an athletic body and a well muscled long neck. She is supple in her movement with sufficient power.
6th place was given to the correctly built filly Ooh La La Dariska (Don Martillo x Dariska LPW by Rhodium, Owner/Breeder: Gayle Atkins). This mare could be more modern and refined, but is powerful in her use of her carrying hind leg as well in trot as canter.
The 2y old mare Mokabria K.F. (Ferro x Dateline S.E. by Hotline, Owner: Heather Oleson, Breeder: Lisa Dickman) is well developed and strongly muscled with a good topline. In movement, this mare has a very good use of her hindleg. Her canter is well balanced, powerful and athletic.
All 3 Dressage mares were upgraded to the predicate keur (eligible). High score adult dressage horse was awarded to the 10 year old mare Enya WS, (UB 40 x Perlinda by Don Primaire, Owner: Nicole Charbonneau, Breeder: Carrie O’Brien DVM). This expressive and elegant mare competed at I1 level and has a well shaped and muscled neck, good topline and correct legs. In movement she is supple and shows good technique, power and reach in her front leg.
The 9 year old mare Finomana (Rubiquil x Ramonda by Jazz , Owner: Sonnenberg Farm, Breeder: Libro Sporthorse B.V.) also earned her keur predicate. This longlined mare performs at PstG level and has an athletic build body with a long well muscled neck. In movement this mare uses her body well and has a carrying use of her hind leg.
The well developed 4y old mare Katarina d’Rosa S (Ampere x Zen Rosa elite pref by Farrington, Owner/ Breeder: Sonnenberg Farm), has a very well developed withers, with a long sloping shoulder. In trot and canter this mare has a very powerful use of her hind leg , with good length of stride and uphill tendency.
The high score young Jumper was awarded to the well developed, long lined colt Obsession WF (Jardonnay VDL x Bodacious WF by Corland, Owner/Breeder: Shelley Campbell). This colt has a good jumper type with sufficient reach and power in his movement.
First Premiums:
Foals/Weanlings – Jumper
Obsession WF (Jardonnay VDL/Corland) 76/70
Foals/Weanlings – Dressage
O’Silvita FF (Franklin /Sandro Hit) 82/84
O Romeo S (Charmeur / UB 40) 76/84
Opulence CLF (Hennessy /Charmeur) 82/78
Olivia ‘d Endy S (Glamourdale/ Zambuka) 79/77
Odesza (Vitalis / Sezuan) 82/74
Ooh La La Dariska (Don Martillo / Rhodium) 74/78
Oregon Chrome (De Niro/Jazz) 73/68
2 Yr Olds – Dressage
Mokabria K.F. (Ferro / Hotline) 76/80
Malachi S (Connaisseur / Ampere) 72/70
STB/Ster 4-7 Yrs Old – Dressage
Katarina D’Rosa S (Ampere/Farrington) 75/80 Ster, Keur Elig.
STB/Ster 8YRs+ – Dressage
Enya WS (UB 40 / Don Primaire) 80/Sport Keur
Finomana (Rubiquil / Jazz) 75/Sport Keur
**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.*

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