Report from the Road – On Course Riding Academy (NJ)

September 13, 2019

Report from the Road – On Course Riding Academy (NJ)


Report from the Road – On Course Riding Academy (NJ)

Lafayette, NJ
Hosts: Chris and Katie Moriarty
Jury: Bart Henstra & Henk Dirksen


At the pleasant facility of On Course Riding Academy, the keuring was hosted by Chris and Katie Moriarty.

Jury Member Henk Dirksen & Katie Moriarty, Photo © Naimark Photography

Highest score for the Jumpers was awarded to the 8 year old mare Fleur de Lis (Riverman ISF X Platina By Piano II) Owner/Breeder: Katie Moriarty, On Course Riding Academy. This keur mare showed her great attitude and rideability under saddle. She is quick in her reflexes, has a good technique in her front leg and shows athletic scope. She seems to be careful. Fleur de Lis scored 9’s for her attitude and her rideability and a total of 80,5.

Fleur de Lis , Photo © Naimark Photography










Highest placed hunter was the 4 year old gelding K Valiant (Vallado x Roxannah by Royal Appearance), Owner: Faith Hornyak. This longlined gelding could be more muscled in his topline, but he is correct in his legs. K Valiant seems to be scopy and he has good atti tude for jumping . K Valiant earned his ster predicate today.

K Valiant , Photo © Naimark Photography










Highest score for the dressage horses was awarded to the colt Ollivers Best (Schroeder x Avelina ster/ by Olivi) Owner/Breeder: Diana Murphy, Best Sporthorses LLC. This well proportioned and well muscled foal has a good dressage type with a long vertical neck and a good topline. His trot showed sufficient power, and his canter was active and lightfooted.

Ollivers Best, Photo © Naimark Photography







Branding by Jury Member, Bart Henstra, Photo © Naimark Photography

Photos very generously provided by Naimark Photography, Please visit their website to view and purchase images.


First Premiums:


Foals/Weanlings -Hunter

One in a Million (New York BC/ Judgement ISF) 67/73
Foals/Weanlings -Dressage

Ollivers Best (Schroeder/Olivi)



STB/Ster – Hunter

K Valiant (Vallado / Royal Appearance)



IBOP – Jumper

Fleur de Lis (Riverman ISF /Piano II



GES Cup for 5-8 Yr Olds

Just Sailing (Riverman ISF/ Consul)