Report from the Road – Mane on Fire (TX)

September 25, 2019

Report from the Road – Mane on Fire (TX)

Report from the Road – Mane on Fire (Texas)
Campbell, Texas
Host: Morgan Kennedy
Jury: Bart Henstra & Arie Hamoen
The keuring in Texas was held for the first time at Mane On Fire Farm. The heat at this keuring made us work efficiently so we finished the keuring before it was too warm to be outside.
High score ribbon of the keuring was awarded to the 18 year old mare Carmeline Z (Camaro M x Pauline by Orust, Owner: Morgan Kennedy, Mane on Fire Farm). Carmeline Z performed already at the 1.40m level. This mare kept herself well and is long lined and well developed. She still has an athletic correct jumper type. If she meets all the criteria for the X-rays she will get her elite predicate.

Carmeline M, Photo: Lynn Novay
The sufficiently developed 4y old mare Hannebel CP ster,(Caranza TSH x Alibalia by Picardo, Owner/Breeder: Douwe Plantinga, Pleasant Hill Farms LLC), earned her keur eligible predicate today. She has an active, powerful canter and showed good scope in the Global Equine Sires Cup, with an overall score of 78.

Hannebel CP, Photo: Lynn Novay
High score ribbon of the young Jumpers was given to the Manhattan son O’merengue (Mannhattan x Dancing Days xx by Innkeeper xx, Owner/Breeder: Rebecca Murphy ). This late foal has a good jumper type and is athletic and light footed in his canter.

O’merengue, Photo: Sheila Anderson
The group of yearling jumpers was lead by Nyssa MMF (Dakota VDL x Ralma D-OC by Indoctro, Owner:Morgan Kennedy, Mane on Fire Farm. Breeder: Kimberlee von Disterlo, Kimberlee Farms). This long lined mare by Dakota VDL has a well developed, long withers and good shoulder. She was well balanced and long strided in her adjustable canter.

Nyssa MMF, Photo: Lynn Novay
High score Hunter was awarded to the new keur mare Allison VLS (Larino keur x Why Me Van’t Gelutt by Omar, Owner: Sheila Armstrong, Breeder: Van Liere Stables). This mare has a sport predicate in the hunter direction. Allison is an elegant, correctly build hunter mare and shows good quality in her body and legs.

Allison VLS, Photo: Lynn Novay
High score young hunter was given to Oasis SC (Toronto ster x Bedazzled by Bon Balou, Owner/Breeder: Sheila Armstrong). Oasis has a good topline and correct legs. Especially in his canter he was active, supple and well balanced, and he showed a floating reach in trot.

Oasis SC, Photo: Lynn Novay
Two Harness horses were presented, they both earned the ster predicate. The modern Governor daughter Lotte (Governor x Charisma keur by Vaandrager HBC. Owner/Breeder: Douwe Plantinga) was awarded with the high score ribbon. In movement she has good action in her front leg, carrying and active use of her hindleg and good front.

Lotte, Photo: Lynn Novay
The 4y old Kasper (Holland x Charisma keur by Vaandrager HBC, Owner/Breeder: Douwe Plantinga) also got his ster with his powerful use of his hindleg, sufficient action in his foreleg with sufficient posture. The dam, Charisma keur (Vaandrager x Fortisimo), who was presented in Goshen, IN this year and won the mares Fine Harness Cup, received her preferent predicate due to her new ster offspring, Kasper.

Kasper , Photo: Lynn Novay
First Premiums:
Foals/Weanlings – Jumper
O’Merengue (Manhattan/ Innkeeper xx) 72/76
Open Fire (Nimmerdor/ Voltaire) 67/73
Foals/Weanlings – Hunter
Oasis SC (Toronto/ Bon Balou) 75/76
O’hara MFF (Rotspon/ Cartier R) 73/75
Yearlings – Jumper
Nyssa MFF (Dakota VDL/ Indoctro) 73/75
Notoriety MFF (Balou du Rouet/ Credence TSH) 71/73
Norana (Carrasca Z/ Muqtarib xx) 71/70
Yearlings – Hunter
Nefertiti MFF (Bliss MF/ Voltaire) 69/72
STB/Ster Mares 8+ – Jumper
Carmeline M (Camaro M/ Orust) 75/Sport Ster, Keur, Elite Elig.
Ster Mares – Jumper
Hannabel (Caranza TSH/ Picardo) Keur Elig.
STB/Ster 8+ Mares – Hunter
Allison VLS (Larino/ Omar) 75/Sport Keur
STB/Ster 3YO Mares – Harness
Lotte 75/80 Ster
STB/Ster 4-7 YO Geldings – Harness
Kasper 70/78 Ster
Global Equine Sires Cup – 4 YRS
Hannabel (Caranza TSH/ Picardo) 78

**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**

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