Report from the Road – DG Bar Ranch (CA)

September 25, 2019

Report from the Road – DG Bar Ranch (CA)

Report from the Road – DG Bar Ranch
Hanford, CA
Sept. 13 & 14th, 2019
Host: Willy Arts
Jury: Bart Henstra & Arie Hamoen
It is always a pleasure for participants and spectators to come to the well facilitated and well organized keurings at DG Bar Ranch.
High score of the keuring was awarded to the 3y old stallion L Primo DG (Bordeaux/Satina ster pref/Contango pref, Owner/ Breeder: DG Bar Breeders). This stallion has a fantastic modern dressage type. He has uphill conformation with a well-shaped and muscled neck, a well-developed withers with a long, sloping shoulder, a good topline and very correct, lean legs. L Primo DG was also presented in the IBOP. L Primo DG is athletic and very focused on the rider. His walk is clear and active. His trot has good technique and body use and is adjustable. Especially his canter was very well balanced, long strided and athletic. With a 9 for conformation, canter and rideability, thhe interestingly bred L Primo DG impressed everyone, and pending his requirements, L Primo DG is a newly licensed KWPN stallion. Congratulations!  L Primo DG scored also a 83 points in his DG Bar Cup, and therefore he was the winner of the 3y old DG Bar Cup.

L Primo DG, Photo : Tamara with the Camera

The 4y old mare Kiamenta DG D-OC(Bordeaux x Biementa CL elite by Painted Black, Owner: Judith Nishi, Breeder: DG Bar Breeders) was awarded elite. This well proportioned and well muscled mare has a good topline. In her IBOP she showed her rideability and especially her walk was very clear, good length of stride and always active in both extended walk as the collected (scoring a 9). In trot and canter she showed her leg technique and articulation and good posture. With a conformation score of 80 en 82 in her ibop this mare was easily made keur.

Kiamenta DG, Photo: Tamara with the Camera

The 3y old Lyric DG(El Capone x Woodwind eliteby Contester, Owner/Breeder: DG Bar Breeders) also earned her keur predicate. This correctly built mare is very supple and long strided in her trot and canter. Lyric DG has a lot of go but is focused on her rider. Especially her canter is very athletic and carrying (scoring a 9). Lyric scored a 79,5 in her IBOP.

Lyric DG, Photo: Tamara with the Camera



Layla EP ( Vitalis x Bakara keur sport (dp) by Sir Sinclair, Owner: Sandra Harper, Breeder: Gundi Younger) earned her ster and keur eligible predicates. This long lined mare could be more developed but has a supple, good walk, good technique in trot and canter with sufficient uphill tendency.

Layla EP


Kanita M(Dundee M x Duganita M elite IBOP (dr) PROK by Santano, Owner: Danita Benson, Breeder: C.F. Van Mook) got her ster predicate. This mare is long lined and has a powerful use of her hindleg, with sufficient uphill tendency.

Kanita M , Photo: Tamara with the Camera


The DG Bar Cup is as always well presented with a good number of entries.
The 3y old class was won by the impressive stallion L Primo DG. Second place was earned by Little John (Johnson x Bolimbria DG ster D-OC by Sandro Hit, Owner/Breeder: DG Bar Breeders). This elegant gelding has a very good technique and is powerful. He has a good posture and is balanced in all his gaits. 3rd place was for the very well cantering mare Lyric DG, 4th was Ladaza DG(Gaspard de la Nuit DG x Sadaza keur by Caridor, Owner: Beth Spuhler, Breeder: DG Bar Breeders). This supple mare has a good use of her hindleg in canter and has a supple body use.

Little John, Photo: Tamara with the Camera

Ladaza DG , Photo: Tamara with the Camera

The 4 year old DG Bar Cup was won by Kasanova DG (Negro x Gamebria DG elite IBOP (dr) by Belissimo M, Owner/ Breeder: DG Bar Breeders). This gelding has 3 correct powerful gaits with good body use. Kasanova has a really good connection to the bridle and was responding very well to the aids of the rider, scoring a 9 for rideability. Second place was earned by Kiamenta DG , with her very good walk. 3rd place was for Kayenne CWS (Negro x Caliente DG elite sport (dr) by OO Seven, Owner/Breeder: Craig Stanley). This elegant mare is very active and especially her canter was uphill and adjustable, with a powerful use of her hindleg.

Kasanova DG , Photo: Tamara with the Camera

Kayenne CWS , Photo: Tamara with the Camera

The 5-6 year old class was won by the powerful Gelders Mare Janda Keur IBOP (Parcival x Wanda Keur Sport (dr) by Sirius, Owner:DG Bar Breeders, Breeder: G.H. Hofs).
The high score Hunter was awarded to the well proportioned, elegant mare Kamina KF(Zapatero VDL x Pamina VDL elite D-OC by Nimmerdo, Owner/Breeder: Kim von Disterlo). Kamina has a good topline and is very correct in her lean legs. Her canter is supple and long strided and in jumping Kamina seems to be careful, has a quick take off, and sufficient body use and for a hunter, despite a good, somewhat tight use of her hindleg. Kamina KF earned her ster and keur eligible predicate today. This made her dam, Pamina elite IBOP D-OC preferent. In the Global Equine Sires Cup, Kamina got 73 points.

Janda , Photo: Tamara with the Camera

Kamina KF , Photo: Tamara with the Camera

High score young hunter was for the 2 y old mare MimosaKF(Karandasj x Epiphany KF ster by Great Pleasure, Owner/Breeder: Kim von Disterlo). This very well developed mare is well muscled and long lined. Her croup is also well muscled and long. She showed a supple and long strided trot, and an active canter with sufficient length of stride.

Mimosa KF, Photo: Tamara with the Camera


The young Dressage horses also showed quality. The two year stallion Mescalero AP(Apache x Gesterrika V.H.M. ster PROK by Vivaldi, Owner/Breeder: Sandra Harper) could be longer lined but is elegant. Mescalero AP improves in his movement. His walk is active, his trot is supple with good reach and mechanics, his canter is active and light footed.

Mescalero AP , Photo: Tamara with the Camera


The longlined yearling stallion Native Dance RTH (Ampere x B Kerose elite sport (dr) IBOP (dr) PROK by Universeels, Owner/Breeder: Alanna Sellers) is well developed and has a good topline. In trot and canter he is very powerful in his hindleg and shows an expressive use of his front leg, with good reach and uphill tendency. With an overall score of 80,5 he earned a leading score in the country so far.

Native Dance RTH, Photo: Tamara with the Camera

Odessa DG, Photo: Tamara with the Camera

Opalina DG, Photo: Tamara with the Camera



The Dressage foal classes were won by Odessa DG(Koning DG ster IBOP (dp) D-OC x Alona-DG ster by Ferro, Owner/Breeder: DG Bar Breeders) the elegant daughter of the licensed stallion Koning DG. Her forehand is very expressive and especially her trot showed a very good technique and supple, athletic body use.  Second place was earned by another daughter of Koning, the well developed Opalina DG(Koning ster IBOP (dp) D-OC xSatina ster pref by Contango, Owner/ Breeder: DG Bar Breeders) . Opalina has a long, well shaped neck and good body. In trot she has good length of stride with sufficient power, and her canter was well balanced and light footed.

Then the Gaudi daughter Oriana DG (Gaudi x Jalina DG keur IBOP (dp) by Idocus, Owner/Breeder: DG Bar Breeders)was placed 3rd. This correctly built filly has a good shoulder, a supple trot and well balanced active canter. Oscar HF(Callaho’s Benicio x Valeska DG elite pref by Krack C, Owner/ Breeder: Ingrid Hamar) was placed fourth, this very well developed son of Benicio out of Valeska, could be more engaged in his trot, but his canter was very expressive, well balanced and long strided.

Oscar HF, Photo: Tamara with the Camera

First Premiums:
Foals/Weanlings – Jumper
Out of Pocket EP (Jonkeer Z/ Sambertino) 71/69
Foals/Weanlings – Dressage
Odessa DG (Koning DG / Ferro) 80/81
Opalina DG (Koning DG / Contango) 78/75
Oriana DG (Gaudi / Idocus) 74/76
Oscar HF (Callaho’s Benicio/ Krack C) 75/75
October Daye AR (Koning DG/ Don Schufro) 72/74
Olabria DG (Gaspard de la Nuit DG/ Jazz) 70/70
Yearlings – Dressage
Native Dance RTH (Ampere/ Universeel) 77/84
Nicola RTH (Fidertanz/ Universeel) 71/71
2 YR Olds – Hunter
Mimosa KF (Karandasj/ Great Pleasure) 80/76
2YR Olds – Dressage
Mescalero AP (Apache/ Vivaldi) 70/75
STB/Ster 3 YO Mares – Dressage
Lyric DG (El Capone/ Contester) 70/80 Ster, Keur Elig.
Layla EP (Vitalis/ Sir Sinclair) 70/75 Ster, Keur Elig.
STB/Ster 4-7 YO Mares – Dressage
Kiamenta DG (Bordeaux/ Painted Black) 80/80 Ster, Keur
Kanita M (Dundee M / Santano) 70/78 Ster
STB/Ster 4-7 YO Mares – Hunter
Kamina KF (Zapatero VDL/ Nimmerdor) 75/75 Ster, Keur Elig.
1st Round Stallion Approval – Dressage
L Primo DG (Bordeaux/ Contango) 90/85 Licensed pending Add’l Requirements
IBOP – Dressage
L Primo DG (Bordeaux/ Contango) 83
Kiamenta DG (Bordeaux/ Painted Black) 82
Lyric DG (El Capone/ Contester) 79.5
DG Bar Cup – 3 YR Olds
L Primo DG (Bordeaux/ Contango) 83
Little John (Johnson/ Sandro Hit) 81
Lyric DG (El Capone/ Contester) 79.5
Ladaza DG (Gaspard de la Nuit DG/ Caridor) 75
Linda (Gaspard de la Nuit DG/ Numero Uno) 73.5
Lady Luna (Gaspard de la Nuit DG/ Paparazzo) 72.5
DG Bar Cup – 4 YR Olds
Kasanova DG (Negro/ Belissimo M) 81.5
Kiamenta DG (Bordeaux/ Painted Black) 81
Kayenne CWS (Negro/ OO Seven) 79
Delovely (Goldberg/ Desperados) 74.5
Kabuki (Charmeur/ Sandro Hit) 70
DG Bar Cup – 5/6 YR Olds
Janda (Parcival/ Sirius) 70.5
Jax SGS (Charmeur/Krack C) 66
Global Equine Sires Cup – 4YR Olds
Kamina KF (Zapatero VDL/ Nimmerdor) 73
**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**