Inbreeding in Harness Horses

September 4, 2020

Inbreeding in Harness Horses


Inbreeding in harness horse breeding

Inbreeding and a too high kinship have been a problem in harness horse breeding for years.
And although much has been said and written about it already, it has just not been possible to
really tackle the problem. That is why the RVO, the organization that is responsible for the
recognition of studbooks, rang the bell last year with a clear message to the KWPN: you have
to intervene to prevent the harness horse from becoming a dying breed. We will discuss the
possibilities with five people who absolutely agree on one thing: something must be done fast
to secure the future of our harness horse.

English translation: LIESBETH VAN WOERDEN – Original Dutch text: CHARLOTTE DEKKER

Enjoy this THREE part article.

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