2019 Report from the Road – UMass (MA)

September 13, 2019

2019 Report from the Road – UMass (MA)

Report from the Road – Umass Hadley Farm (MA)
Host: Debbie Malcolmson
Jury: Bart Henstra & Henk Dirksen
The keuring at Umass was hosted by Debbie Malcolmson.
This small keuring had a good class of Dressage foals. The high score of the keuring was awarded to Outrageous SSF (Gaudi x Gazania by Bon Bravour) Owner: Jane Hannigan, Breeder: Shooting Star Farm. This well developed colt is well muscled and well proportioned. He is very correctly built and has a good dressage type. His movement is long strided with good technique and articulation. With an overall score of 81 points, he is 3rd in the country so far.

Outrageous SSF
The second place was awarded to the colt Ollivander CF (Schroeder x Rubitana van hof Olympia by Rubin Royal), Owner/Breeder: Carly Fisher, Clarion Farm. Ollivander has a well shaped neck and sufficient length in his body. In both trot and canter he has an active use of his hindleg. His canter is well balanced with sufficient length of stride.

Ollivander CF, Photo by Owner
The high score adult Dressage horse was awarded to the 5y old mare Jubilantes SSF (UB 40 x Werites SSF ster keur elig sport (dr) by Freestyle) Owner: BJ Barrett, Breeder: Shooting Star Farm. This mare first succeeded her IBOP with 79,5 points. Under saddle she has a good posture, a supple and active walk, good leg technique in her trot, and a very well balanced, active and supple canter. Jubilantes SSF could be more developed, but with her good IBOP she earned her keur predicate today. In the DG Bar Cup class she scored a 78,5.

Jubilantes SSF
The 6 year old Isabel ISF (UB 40 x Rabiola keur pref by Metall) Owner: Ashley Theodore, Breeder: Iron Spring Farm earned her ster predicate with her modern dressage type. This elegant mare has sufficient length of stride and posture and good technique in her legs.

Isabel ISF
The 4y old mare Kyraloma MG (Navarone x Miloma elite by Goodtimes) Owner/Breeder: Kathy Hickerson, Majestic Gaits was switched into the Gelders breeding direction. This well developed mare is well muscled and has a lot of bending in her hindleg, with sufficient reach in her front leg. Kyraloma MG earned her ster and her keur eligible predicates today.

Kyraloma MG, Photo by Owner
High score young Jumper was awarded to Oronette MG (Zapatero VDL x Eeyanette RGS ster keur elig by Veron), Owner/Breeder: Kathy Hickerson, Majestic Gaits. This elegant filly is longlined and has a modern jumper type. Her canter is lightfooted and well balanced. With an overall score of 74.5 she is placed 3rd in the country so far.
First Premiums:
Foals/Weanlings – Jumper
Oronette MG (Zapatero VDL/Veron) 74/75
Oxygen MG (Impressive VDL /Crespo VDL) 68/76
Foals/Weanlings – Dressage
Outrageous SSF (Gaudi/ Bon Bravour) 82/80
Ollivander CF (Schroeder/ Rubin Royal) 74/76
Ouzo MG (Hennessy/ Silvano N) 75/65
STB/Ster Mares – Dressage
Jubilantes SSF (UB 40 /Freestyle) 70/80 Keur
Isabel ISF (UB 40 /Metall) 75/75 Ster
STB/Ster Mares – Gelders
Kyraloma MG (Navarone/ Goodtimes) 70/70 Ster/ Keur Elig.
IBOP – Dressage
Jubilantes SSF (UB 40 /Freestyle) 79.5
DG Bar Cup 5 / 6 Yr Olds
Jubilantes SSF (UB 40 /Freestyle) 78.5
Photographs from the Keuring generously provided by Carole MacDonald.
Proofs from the rest of the Keuring may be seen and purchased via email:
**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**