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Richard-webKWPN Foalbook, Appr. BWP  In general foals will receive Register A papers, specifics below.


  • Show Names  Decadent / Ravanelli
  • Registered Name  Richard
  • Registration #  98.03430
  • Birthdate  April 25, 1998
  • Color and Markings  Black; blaze entering left nostril, white lower lip; LF: full stocking; RF: half stocking; RH: half stocking.
  • Height  17.0h, 171cm
  • Breeding Fee  Fresh $1,800.
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions  No booking fee. Fresh: Stud fee includes initial collection and shipping, LFG. Frozen: $600/dose or $1,500/3 doses, no LFG.
  • Semen Available  Fresh: Yes; Frozen: Yes
  • EVA Test  Sero-negative 04/02/2013.
  • Breeder  J. and G.M. Hebbink

000791_2_th_Richard_pedigreeOWNER OF RECORD

Stacia Purcell
Seafire Sporthorses
PO Box 39
Elkton, FL 32033

904-662-2887 Cell
904-692-1277 Fax

KWPN Breeding Designation KWPN Foalbook, Aangewezen KWPN Stallion Show. Approved BWP.

In general foals will receive Register A papers. Register A offspring need meet no further requirements to be accepted into the studbook after turning three years of age.

Sport Results in Holland

  • 2003: Jumped L and M Levels.

Sport Results in North America


  • 2006: Ch Reg Working Hunter, Jacksonville International.
  • 2005: Ch Green Conf, Atlanta Summer Classic II. 2006 Ch Reg Working Hunter, Jacksonville International.


  • 2009: $1500 Level 7 Jumpers.
  • 2008: Level 6-7 Jumpers, 11th $25,000 Plus GP – Plain Brown Wrapper H/J
  • 2007: Level 5-7 Jumpers, 6th $25,000 Jacksonville Finale GP, 3rd $25,000 Plus GP, Plain Brown Wrapper
  • 2006: Level 4-7 Jumpers.
  • 2005: Level 5 Jumpers.

Offsprings’ Sport Results Europe

  • 2012: Zalina 1.35m. Zycate M+12 dressage.
  • 2011: Zavanelli Marjos Z level jumping and B level dressage, Zycale competing at L level eventing, dressage and jumping. Zalina 1.30m.
  • 2010Zavanelli Marjos (ds Karandasj) showing Z level jumping, 1.30m. Zycate competing B level jumping and L level eventing. Zalina 1.25m.
  • 2009: Zycate (ds Eusebio) competing L level dressage. Zalina jumping 1.15m in Poland.
  • 2008: Zamira (ds Contango) competing B level dressage. Zonta competing B level dressage.
  • 2004: Small foal crop born in Holland.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America

  • 2016: Gevalia BF Multiple top placings at Pre-Green and Baby Green Hunters. PS Lancia Fable Multiple placings at Schooling Hunter and Baby Green Hunters and .90m Jumpers.
  • 2015: Gevalia BF Multiple Baby Green Hunter Championships
  • 2014: Jewel 1st Training Jumper 1.10 Jacksonville National, 6th Novice Poplar Place May Horse Trials.
  • 2013: Ignatia LJS 3rd KWPN Top Fives Jumper Foals. Jewel showing 1.20m 5-YO Jumpers. Czaria Premium Filly ISR/Old
  • 2012: Lune de Miel 1st Yearling, BWP USDF All-Breeds. Alla’Mour1st place current year foal Oldenburg NA/ISR USDF All-Breeds, 6th current year colt/gelding USDF Finals. Live Wire qualified Spy Coast/Young Horse Series.

KWPN Foalbook - Approved Erkend Studbook

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