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  • Registered Name/Show Name Everdale
  • KWPN Registration # 528003200903336
  • Birthdate April 27, 2009
  • Color and Markings Black; LF: coronet with ermine; BHL: ankle with ermine.
  • Height 17.0h, 172cm
  • Breeding Direction Dressage
  • Breeding Fee $2,200 2 year or $1,200/dose.
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions Booking fee of $300 included in Breeding Fee. Two-year contract. See specific contract for details and limitations. No LFG.
  • Shipped Semen Available Fresh: No; Frozen: Yes.
  • EVA Test  Sero-negative 09/2/2014.
  • WFFS: N/WFFS (carrier of the WFFS gene)
  • Breeder P. Kluytmans

002050_2_th_EverdaleOWNER OF RECORD
Van Olst Horses


Hilltop Farm, Inc.
1089 Nesbitt Rd.
Colora, MD 21917

410-658-9898 phone
410-658-9228 fax


KWPN Breeding Designation Approved.

  • 2012: Spring Stallion Performance Test Ermelo: Dressage Walk 9, Trot 8.5, Canter 9, Suppleness 8, Car/Bal 8.5, Ride/Att 9, Talent 8.5, Total=87.

Breeding Advice: Everdale can add size, willingness and movement for dressage breeding.

Sport Results in Europe

  • 2018: Winner of the U25 Grand Prix in Den Dungen with a 72%, CDI-W’s-Hertogenbosch 6th place I1 Freestyle and 9th place PSG.
  • 2017: : 1st place Stallion of the Year Competition (CDI-Ermelo Prix St. Georges), 5th place Team CDIY-Hagen, 2nd place Team & 3rd place Individual CDIY-Roosendaal, Approved Selle Francais.
  • 2015: 6th place M Level KWPN Stallion Competition Finals.
  • 2013: Winner of Pavo Cup Finals for 4-Year Olds.
  • 2012: Dressage Champion KWPN Performance Test.

Sport Results in North America

  • Not Applicable.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in Europe

With his oldest offspring just arriving in 2013, Everdale already has sired 51 Ster mares, 8 Elite mares, 1 Keur mare and 3 KWPN approved stallion.

  • 2018: Join Me de Massa winner of French 4 year old Championships. Inferno reserve PAVO Cup 5 year old Finals. Iondale and Inclusive competed at WBFSH World Championships for Young Horses.
  • 2017: Itrichta High Score Dressage IBOP of Keuring (78.5 pts.) and awarded Ster status, 13 Everdale offspring qualify for PAVO Cup Semi-Finals, 7 3-year-old Everdale mares selected for NMK-Ermelo, Just Me 5th place in NMK-Ermelo 3-year-old Dressage Final, Indy 2nd Place. Extra, Evergro and Especial licensed NRPS.
  • 2016: Ike 2nd place & In Good Faith VZH 8th Place in VWF Dressage Cup for 3 year olds. Inspire approved KWPN. Ivano LH selected for fall KWPN Stallion Performance Testing. Idelga scores 80 at IBOP and receives Elite status. Excellent and Exclusive approved NRPS.
  • 2015: Eclipse premium Oldenburg foal. Penelope van de Kempenhoeve 4th place Filly BWP Foal Championship.
  • 2013: Ice King Texel (ds. Farmer) KWPN top dressage colt. In Time (ds. Goodtimes) top selling colt at SELL Foal Auction in Deurne.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America

  • 2018: Newport Jazz WRF & Noir Dream First Premium foals with KWPN-NA. Irintha 5th place USEF 4 Year Old National Championship and 4th place USDF FEI 5 year old rankings. Ellington, Idale AZ and Jezebel competing at Training level, Ilionne and INXS competing First Level. Kindred P was Grand Champion of the SBHS Summer Dressgae. Jaika Jirdonie reserve champion Mature Horse Fall Breed Show at Maplewood Warmbloods.
  • 2017 Masterful Dream 1st Premium colt, Inxs & Sonnenberg’s Iandale showing 1st Level, Jaike Jirdonie 3rd place 3-year-old Fillies DSHB NEDA Fall Festival.
  • 2016: Everdeen Premium filly with Oldenburg GOV.
  • 2015: Knew Dream 1st Premium, Kingsman WRF 1st Premium, Knightley 1st Premium & 3rd Place USDF North Central Foal Championship, Kindred P 1st Premium, Kattier SVS 1st Premium, Konstantin Top Ten Current Year Colts Dressage at Devon. Elsa Premium & Site Champion Filly of ISR/Oldenburg Inspection
  • 2014: Jezebel S.E. (ds. Jazz) and Justifiable P (ds. WolkentanzI) First Premium KWPN-NA.

Available Frozen, Riding Type

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