Dante MG

| January 1, 2014

KWPN Foalbook, Appr. GOV  In general foals will receive Register A papers , specifics below.


  • Show Name/Registered Name: Dante MG
  • Registration # 840025 200800061
  • Birthdate May 9, 2008
  • Color and Markings Black; star and flesh colored bordered snip; LH: pastern higher behind; RH: white coronet outside.
  • Height 16.1h, 165cm
  • Breeding Fee $950
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions $350 Booking fee included in breeding fee. LFG first collection included in stud fee, additional collection $350. Frozen semen limited
  • Shipped Semen Available Fresh: Yes Frozen: Yes.
  • EVA Test Sero-negative
  • Breeder: Kathy Hickerson, Majestic Gaits

002109_2_th_DanteMGpedigreeOWNER OF RECORD
Kathy Hickerson
Majestic Gaits
68 Russell Hill Rd.
Brookline, NH 03033

603-673-4344 Phone
603-557-4054 Cell
603-672-0139 Fax

Dante MG

KWPN Breeding Designation KWPN Foalbook, Approved Oldenburg. 2012: Passed 70 Day Test Silver Creek: Character 9, Free Jumping 9.5, Jumping 9.0, Ridability 8. Approved sBs, RPSI, Approved Oldenburg GOV.

In general foals will receive Register A papers. Register A offspring must meet sport, radiograph and endoscopy requirements to be accepted into the studbook after turning three years of age.

Sport Results in Holland:

  • N/A

Sport Results in North America:

  • 2018: WEF 11 Clear Rounds .95m, Heritage Show Results: two 4ths and a 1st in the 0.95 meter Training Jumpers and 1st, 2nd and 3rd with a Reserve Champion in the division for the 1.10 meter Schooling Jumpers.
  • 2016: Top 5 Breeding Sire
  • 2014: Cape Cod Reserve Champion Schooling Jumper.
  • 2013: 1st Hopeful Jumper .80m, 2nd Low Training .90m, 2nd Hight Training 1m, South East Hunter Assn. September.
  • 2012: 1st Stallion not at Stud, Stallion Champion, 1st Stallions/Gelding 4 & Older Under Saddle, Ten Broeck Farm USDF Breed Show. Qualfied for USDF New England Series Championship.
  • 2008: 1st Premium 1st Place Jumper Colts KWPN-NA Keuring Pineland Farm

Offsprings’ Sport Results in Holland:

  • N/A

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America:

  • 2019: Kaiser Killian 2nd place Training Level Wellington Classic 66.7%, My Goodness Gracious/OMG  4th/20 East Coast Future Event Horse Championships Score 8+
  • 2016: Jazmin CF 2nd place Hunter Breeding Westbrook
  • 2015: Jazmin CF 4th place Top Fives Yearling Jumpers. Kalypso MG 4th USDF HOY, 1st Place colt (82.325%) UMASS Breed Show, 1st Premium KWPN, 1st Dressage Colt NEDA.
  • 2014: Jazmin CF 1st Premium Clarion Farm Keuring.

Available Fresh/Cooled, Available Frozen, KWPN Foalbook - Approved Erkend Studbook, Riding Type, Stallion Directory

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