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Breeder Awards Programs

The KWPN of North America is proud to offer an expansive awards program for breeders and as part of our annual keuring tour.

Keuring Top Ten Awards

In addition to individual awards presented at each location on the annual KWPN-NA keuring tour, the KWPN-NA is proud to recognize exceptional individuals from the overall tour as our yearly TOP TENS in the dressage, jumper, hunter, gelders, and harness divisions, as well as IBOP, DG Bar Cup, and GES Cup winners. Click below to see the 2022 Top Tens, and congratulations to all!

Pictured, from the top left: Opus One MTA, O Glamour Boy’s Dream, Outrageous SSF, Odessa DG, Oh What a Dream, Ottumwa M, Opalina DG, Opaline de Jardins, Ovation, Native Dance RTH, Navajo P, Nacho Balou P, Nyssa MFF, Nikita, Mokabria K.F., Mescalero AP, Mimosa KF, L Primo DG, Gintaras, Kiamenta DG, Valerie Diar, Jubilantes SSF, Lyric DG, Isabel ISF, Carmeline M, Kolanda P, Kamina KF, Kyraloma MG, Fleur de Lis, Messenger VF, Louisville SS, Little John, Charisma, Kasper, Lotte, Osualdo J&S,

The Gert van der Veen Award

This award was established in memory of Gert van der Veen, who was instrumental in launching the KWPN-NA and ‘steered the ship’ for 15 years. Gert was the head of the NA Keuring jury for 13 years and an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors. He was generous with his time and knowledge, a good friend and a much-admired colleague.

Historically this award was given to the highest scoring mare in the keuring tour, with a minimum score of 75 points for conformation and for movement/jumping. In 2017, the award was expanded to up to five recipients, with one from each breeding direction for mares between the ages of 3 and 5. The winners are to still have a minimum of 75 points in conformation and movement/jumping and are selected by the NA Keuring jury.

Congratulations to our 2019 winners:

Enya WS keur

UB 40 keur x Perinda by Don Primaire
Owned by Nichole Charbonneau; Bred by Carrie O’Brien DVM, Willow Spring Farm
(not pictured)

Lady Ada Bloom
Lady Ada Bloom ster k/elig

Corland keur x Feather Bloom by Mr. Blue keur
Owned and Bred by Suzanne Trickey, Bloomington Farm

Lyonesse ster k/elig
Fandango HX x Brown Eyed Girl by Schonfelder PS
Lyonesse ster k/elig

Fandango HX x Brown Eyed Girl by Schonfelder PS
Owned and Bred by Erica Feiste, DVM

Little Miss Kelley
Little Miss Kelly ster

Graaf Kelly x Bo keur by Uromast
Owned by Sebastien Boutin and Sophie Moore, Centre D’Attelage Equin-Star; Bred by Cumberland Mountain Eq

Past Winners


  • Harness: Jay Rose keur IBOP/tp (Plains Liberator x Weike V keur pref by Manno pref). Owned and bred by Wim Cazemier
  • Gelders: Jaya-Dessa ster keur elig. (Special D x Adessa keur pref by Koss pref). Owned and bred by Beverley Hilton, Hilton Hall Sporthorses
  • Jumper: Dido keur, sport/sp (Mr. Blue keur x Ester van’t T’Roosakker by Carthago). Owned by Legacy Stables LLC/Sarah Middleton, bred by M.M.A. Everse
  • Dressage: Kiriska ster, keur elig. (Jazz pref x Dariska LPW by Rhodium). Owned and bred by Gayle Atkins, Affinity Sporthorses.

(No Hunter horse met the 75 point minimum criteria.)


  • TP: JO Roxanne R.M.A.
  • HP: Jewel
  • SP: Harlowe
  • DP: Itolimbria DG

2016: Ivy League
2015: Gamebria DG
2014: Eeyanette RGS
2013: Faith
2012: Dalanta MG
2011: Dileva
2010: Blossom

Breeder Achievement Awards

The KWPN-NA Breeder’s Achievement Award recognizes our member breeders who have accomplished significant results throughout the years with their breeding programs.

This award benefits KWPN-NA members by giving an award to the qualifying breeder at their local/regional keuring, allowing local/regional promotion of their breeding program (when possible); an award to the qualifying breeder at the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting; and special recognition of the breeder on the KWPN-NA website to specifically promote the success of the qualifying breeder.

Please note the Breeder’s Achievement Award does not take the place of the KWPN-NA Breeder of the Year award, which is based on a single breeder’s accomplishment and which is nominated and selected by the organization’s membership.

There are four (4) levels of achievement in this program, and receipt of this award allows the breeder to use the following breeder designation for advertising or promotional purposes:

  • KWPN-NA Bronze Level Breeder (15 points needed)
  • KWPN-NA Silver Level Breeder (30 points needed)
  • KWPN-NA Gold Level Breeder (60 points needed)
  • KWPN-NA Platinum Level Breeder (100 points needed)
2022/2023 Award Recipients
Sonnenberg Farm LLCPlatinum125
McTalley ManorGold69
Kimberlee FarmsGold62
Six Pound Farm LLCSilver43
Sakura Hill FarmSilver30
Windmill FarmsBronze15
Larry and Kathy Childs, Crooked Post FarmGold62
Judy Reggio, Windy Ridge FarmGold62
Matty O'RourkeBronze17
Lisa Dickman, Kaneques FarmBronze21

How It Works:

  • Only the breeder of record of a horse presented can earn points for that horse.
  • In the Young Horse category, a horse may show at a keuring as a foal, yearling, and/or two-year-old, but will earn points only one time within this category.
  • The breeder of the horse will receive points for each accomplishment that their horse has achieved. For example:
    • If a horse receives a First Premium as a young horse, the breeder will earn one (1) point (a horse can only earn one point as a young horse, even if earning multiple First Premiums).
    • Three years later, that same horse (now a Mature Horse) receives its Ster predicate, and thereby earns two (2) more points for its breeder.
    • If the horse successfully passes the IBOP (riding performance test) during that or a future year, it will receive two (2) more points.
    • If the horse is a mare and also keur eligible at her studbook inspection, she would now earn the Keur predicate and an additional two (2) points for her breeder.
    • Therefore, this one horse has the possibility of earning seven (7) points for its breeder if a mare and five (5) points if a gelding.

Keeping Track of Points:

  • Breeders must apply for award status. Once a breeder has reached the qualifying points for the first level (Bronze), the breeder must send all applicable documentation to the KWPN-NA office for verification.
  • When the breeder has earned enough points to upgrade to a higher level (Silver, Gold or Platinum), the breeder must again send the documentation to the KWPN-NA office. In other words, it is up to breeders to nominate themselves when they think they have earned enough points for the award or to move to a higher level of the award program.
  • Breeders will receive their awards the following year (the year after they achieve the results).
The Point System is as follows:

Young Horses

First Premium1
Ranked Top Five (or former Top Ten)1

Mature Horses

Ster Predicate (to included geldings)2
IBOP Predicate (to include geldings)2
Keur Predicate2
Elite Predicate2
Sport Predicate (or gelding equivalent)3
Crown Predicate3
Preferent Predicate3
Prestatie Predicate3
Approved Stallion10