| January 15, 2015


  • Show Name/Registered Name Globetrotter
  • KWPN Registration # 528003201103882
  • Birthdate May 15, 2011.
  • Color and Markings  Dark bay; LF half pastern; RF coronet; LH pastern, RH half pastern; belly spot.
  • Height 1.61m, 15.3h.
  • Breeding Direction Harness
  • Breeding Fee $1,200
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions  Booking fee included.
  • Shipped Semen Available Fresh: Yes; Frozen: No.
  • Expected Semen Quality Moderate.
  • EVA Test negative 2019.
  • WFFS: Tested N/N 2019
  • Breeder Gebr. van Dolder

Rocky Ridge Stables and Misty Meadow Stables

Rocky Ridge Stables
Ivan Fisher
247 S. Pool Forge Rd.
Narvon, PA 17555

717-989-2026 Phone
717-354-9392 Fax


KWPN Breeding Designation Approved. 2014: Stallion Performance Test Ermelo: Front 8, S/Car 8.5, Susp. 8.5, Foreleg 8.5, Hindleg 7.5, Enthus 8, Overall 8.5 = 82 Total. 2014 breeding value 146 (23%).

Breeding Advice  Globetrotter can give good suspension, a straightforward character with show presence to his offspring. The stallion will probably fit best with mares that have refinement, size and substance.

Sport Results in Holland

  • Reserve Champion Stallion Show.
  • Highest scoring 3 year old in Ermelo.

Sport Results in North America

  • 2018: Received the Sport/tp predicate. Champion in the Natural Way Minerals Fine Harness Cup at both keuring sites.
  • 2017: Champion Stallion Fine Harness, both keuring sites (Goshen and Narvon).
  • 2016: Spring and Fall Champion Stallion Fine Harness.
  • 2015: Champion KWPN-NA Stallion Fine Harness
  • 2014: Imported from Netherlands. 3rd place in KWPN-NA Stallion Fine Harness.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in Holland

  • First foal crop 2015.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America

  •  2018: Keltro and Kiralonda earned Ster predicate. Kiralonda Reserve Champion Top 10’s KWPN-NA Keuring Tour and Champion ISF Award mare. Karydientje earns IBOP/tp predicate. Lotte, Lynette in Top 10’s KWPN-NA Keuring Tour. Natalieanne, Nedaperty, Nikkiburga, Nickidientje and Nissan First Premiums KWPN-NA.
  • 2017: Mikerty, Marcodane & Myadientje 1st Premium. Mikerty Reserve Champion Top Fives, Karydientje Reserve Champion Top Fives.
  • 2016: Lotte 2016 Champion KWPN-NA Harness Foal in keuring tour. Lamone & Lynette 1st premium
  • 2015: Kerlane 1st Premium

Available Fresh/Cooled, Donating to 2019 KWPN-NA SSA, Harness

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