Chin Quidam VDL

| February 3, 2015

KWPN Foalbook, Appr. Baden-Württemberg and American Holsteiner.  In general foals will receive Register A papers, specifics below.


  • Registered KWPN Name Bora Bora-N
  • Show Name Chin Quidam VDL
  • KWPN Registration # 528003 06.05983
  • Birthdate April 16, 2006.
  • Color and Markings  Bay; star, narrow strip, snip ending between nostrils; no other markings.
  • Height  16.2h, 1.68m
  • Breeding Direction Jumper.
  • Breeding Fee $1,600
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions Booking fee of $200 included. Rebreed Guarantee with Fresh
  • Shipped Semen Available Fresh: Yes; Frozen: No.
  • EVA Test  Sero negative.
  • WFFS: N/N (non-carrier) per stallion owner
  • Breeder  Wim van Nipsen



Hyperion Stud, LLC
Vicky Castegren
4997 Sandy Branch Rd.
Barboursville, VA 22923

434-973-7700 Phone
434-973-7773 Fax


KWPN Breeding Designation  KWPN Foalbook, Approved Baden-Württemberg and American Holsteiner.

In general foals will receive Register A papers. Register A offspring must meet radiograph and D-OC requirements to be considered for Keur/Elite.

International Sport Results

  • 2016: 1st 1.35m Arnhem NED CSI3*, 1st 1.35m Zuidwolde NED CSI3*, 6th, 4th & 8th 1.30m Tubbergen CSI2*
  • 2015: 4th 1.45m Rotterdam CISO5*, 6th 1.40m Roosendaal CSI2*, 4th and 6th 1.40m Mijas Spain CSI2*, 6th 1.45m Grand Prix Mijas Spain CSI 2*, 4th, 8th 1.45m St. Gallen Switzerland, 8th 1.45m Montefalco CSI3*, *, 4th, 6th, & 8th 1.30m Tubbergen CSI1* (New Rider – Remco Been), 5th 1.35m Wierden CSI2*, 1st 1.35m Arnhem CSI3*, 1st 1.35m Zuidwolde SCI2*
  • 2014: 1st $15,000 Rogers Sugar Challenge 1.40m, 1st $8,000 Friends of the Meadows Cup 1.45m, 1st $33,500 Pepsi Challenge Cup 1.45m, 2nd Horse Health Care Cup 1.40m, 2nd ATCO Electric Cup 1.40m, Spruce Meadows CSI5*. 1st Sparkasse 7/8 yr old Youngster Qualifier, 1st Sparkasse 7/8 yr old Youngster Cup Finale, Aachen, Germany CHIO 5*. 1st 7/8-year-old Youngster Qualifier, 1st 7/8 yr old Youngster Qualifer #2, 2nd 7/8 yr old Youngster Finale, Dublin Horse Show CSIO5*. 1st  1.50m Grand Prix, Ommen, NED CSI3*.

Sport Results in North America

  • 2017: 3rd & 4th 1.30 Open Jumper Swan Lake Summer Kick Off “AA”, 6th, 8th & 10th 1.30m Kentucky Summer Classic
  • 2016: 4th $15,000 1.40 Enviro Equine Jumper at Ocala January Festival, 7th $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix at Ocala January Festival, 7th $25,000 Welcome Ocala
  • 2015: 4th $85,000 Suncast 1.50m Jumper Classic at WEF 9, 3rd $85,000 Suncast GP WEF week 10
  • 2014: 2nd 1.50 Fox Sports Trophy Grand Prix, 2nd 1.45m LA Times Trophy, LA Masters CSI5*. 2nd $45,500 Grand Prix of the Pacific, 7th $25,000 Grand Prix, Del Mar.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in Europe

  • Not applicable.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America

  • Numerous premium foals
  • 2016: Chinaro HS Champion AHHA Colt

Available Fresh/Cooled, KWPN Foalbook - Approved Erkend Studbook, Stallion Directory

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