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DG Bar Cup for Young Dressage Horses

The DG Bar Cup is sponsored by DG Bar Ranch and is a competition for three-, four-, five/six- and seven/eight year old horses. Gaits, rideability, balance, rhythm, suppleness and the ability to collect and extend are some of the factors that are considered as the horses perform. Entrants may sign up for either the IBOP or the DG Bar Cup, or for both.


3 to 6 Year Olds

Kasanova DG (Negro Pref x Gamebria DG Elite IBOP (Dr) by Belissimo M) Photo: Tamara with the Camera


Three-, Four-, and Five/Six Year Old horses will be shown in groups of 2-4 horses

Three Year Olds

will be shown at trot, canter and walk in that order.

  • Canter on a 20 meter circle.
Four Year Olds

will be shown at trot, canter and walk in that order.

  • Trot: 20m circle in both directions. Leg yield both directions.
  • Canter: 20m circle. Medium canter on the long side.
  • Walk: lengthening of the walk, stretching of the neck.
Five/Six Year Olds

will be shown at trot, canter and walk in that order.

  • Shoulder in, two times in each direction for at least 20 meters.
  • 12–15 meter circle with stretching of the neck.
  • Special emphasis will be given to transitions and a little more collection will be expected.

Horses will be scored as follows:

  • 20 points per gait (walk, trot  and canter).
  • 10 points for self-carriage.
  • 10 points for suppleness.
  • 10 points for submission.
  • 10 points for talent.

7 & 8 Year Olds

will be shown individually in a developing horse style test. This test is totally unrelated to the IBOP.

  • 10 points for the walk
  • 20 points each for the trot and canter
  • 20 points for the ability to extend and collect
  • 20 points for submission and rideability
  • 10 points for self-carriage and suppleness

7/8-Yr Old Horse Test

  1. A enter collected trot. X halt and salute.
  2. Proceed collected trot. C track right.
  3. M–X–K change rein medium trot.
  4. F to M shoulder-in left.
  5. C down centerline.
  6. G to F half pass left.
  7. K to H shoulder-in right.
  8. C down centerline.
  9. G to K half pass right.
  10. F–X–H change rein extended trot.
  11. C medium walk.
  12. M–X–K change rein extended walk.
  13. Over X transition to collected walk (¼ line to ¼ line) proceed in extended walk.
  14. K to A medium walk.
  15. A collected canter left lead.
  16. F to M extended canter.
  17. H to D half pass left.
  18. A track left.
  19. Before B very collected canter. At B ¼ pirouette left.
  20. At E ¼ pirouette left proceed collected canter.
  21. 21. F–X–H change rein flying change of lead near X.
  22. M to D half pass right.
  23. A track right.
  24. Before E very collected canter. At E ¼ pirouette.
  25. t B ¼ pirouette right proceed collected canter.
  26. K to H extended canter.
  27. M–X–K change rein flying change near X.
  28. A down centerline. X halt and salute.