Members’ Committee

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Requesting “Letter of Interest” for Members’ Committee positions

Are you a leader? Do you enjoy working in a committee to help an organization grow and develop? Are you full of great ideas? If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” to any of these questions, then please consider becoming a candidate for the KWPN-NA Members’ Committee. This is a volunteer committee that represents the Members of the KWPN-NA. Candidates must be full or lifetime members, and ideally individuals that are willing and able to play active roles in serving the membership.   

Roles and Responsibilities of the Members’ Committee:

  • To act as the nomination committee for the positions on the Board of Directors. To seek, to accept members’ nominations and to interview prospective Board members.
  • To make appropriate recommendations to the Board for taking corporate action.
  • To represent the wishes of the membership and to communicate this with the Board.
  • To assist the Board in special committee work.
  • To assist in the coordination and organization of annual keuringen and meetings.
  • To identify marketing and advertising needs across the membership base.
  • To identify education needs and topics for the membership.
  • To assist in the awards program and identify shows across the U.S. and Canada that should be recognized in the awards program.
  • To act as a liaison between the membership and the Board.
  • To assist and act upon member grievances and suggestions.

 Cheryl Mayberry (ON) – Chair

Through Prima Equestrian, Cheryl has been closely involved with the keuring process, both as an organizer and as a horse owner.  She rides, shows and manages the Prima Equestrian keurings.

Cheryl has served 2 terms on the Executive Board of Toronto CADORA, a volunteer based executive team dedicated to educating amateur riders and owners to all the aspects of dressage. She has also volunteered at CARD (Community Association for Riding for the Disabled). Cheryl is a Senior Project Manager for Bell Canada in the IT system development organization. Her knowledge and IT skills have already benefited the organization.

She provides the KWPN-NA with technical advice regarding the new breeding database and this new website. She is a team player and has a total commitment to providing her best energies to benefit the KPWN-NA membership.


Susanne Manz (MN) – Secretary

Occupation: Retired from a successful career in Engineering, Quality and Compliance for medical device companies like Johnson and Johnson and Medtronic. Possesses a BS in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA. Currently operates her own consulting business in compliance and quality for medical device companies.

KWPN-NA activities: Susanne has been a member of KWPN-NA since she purchased her first Dutch Warmblood mare in 2007. She currently has 3 mares and has raised 2 KWPN foals. She has 2 foals due in 2017. She enjoys traveling and was happy to go to the KWPN Stallion Show in 2015, Foreign Visitors Course in 2015 and the KWPN Annual Meeting in 2016 (and won the prize for selecting the most winners).

Susanne currently serves on the board of directors for the US Sport Horse Breeders Association and for the Central States Dressage and Eventing Association. She is active on committees for education and promoting the associations. Susanne is now focusing her time to devote to her true passion- riding and breeding dressage horses!

Susanne has expressed interest and enthusiasm in supporting the member’s committee and KWPN-NA organization with her passion for dressage, understanding bloodlines and selecting matches. Her background and experience have developed strong skills in organization, education and training, data analysis and communications and is interested in putting these skills to use for KWPN-NA.

Tracy Geller (VA)

Occupation:  Client Service Liaison,  Managing Owner – Six Pound Farm LLC.

KWPN-NA Activities:  Tracy has been a KWPN member since 2007, and has focused on breeding for the Jumper type KWPN horse.; She has bred several

1 st premium and Top 5 KWPN foals, and some of her older foals have gone into sport in the Hunters, Jumpers, Eventing and Dressage .  Tracy has been a Keuring host and organizer several times in the Midwestern area, prior to her move East.  She has attended several Annual Meetings, KWPN Stallion Shows and she accepted an appointment to the Members Committee in 2015.  She is active volunteer on several committees,  is a co- administrator on the KWPN- NA Facebook page, and recently has joined our Editorial committee taking over the E-Newsletter as the editor and contributing author.

Background:Tracy has ridden hunters and dressage, and has been breeding sporthorses on a small scale since 2000. She is also an accomplished amateur photographer, and has an interest in graphic and website/media design.  She and her husband have recently re- located to Virginia, from Wisconsin.

Tracy brings to the Members Committee an enthusiastic, diverse and professional background in customer service, technology and communication, with a receptive and progressive outlook on membership growth, marketing  and overall member satisfaction.

Julie Ballard Haralson (GA)

Occupation: Internal and Emergency Board Certified Physician. Practices Emergency Medicine.

KWPN-NA Activities: Member since 1992, and has participated in annual meetings and hosted keurings since then. She has bred four KWPN-NA Inspection Site top foals and has earned multiple First Premiums. She sponsors show awards for KWPN horses and promotes the breed with her own. Julie is currently the MC Social Media person and responsible for the success of the MC Facebook page, the KWPN-NA Horses for Sale Facebook page and Twitter. She is always looking for new and better ways to reach the membership.

Background: Julie breeds, rides dressage and has shown hunters, jumpers and event horses. She is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist and was the Chief Medical Officer of the Equestrian Venue at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. She is also a member of the American Medical Equestrian Association, which sets the standard for medical care at equestrian events, chairman for the US Eventing Association Safety Committee and serves on the USEF Safety Committee.Julie breeds Dutch and German Warmbloods for dressage, show jumping and the hunter ring at Haralson Farm . She has been ranked as one of the top ten breeders in the U.S. for both Hunter and Dressage. In 2012, Julie bred the #1 Dressage Foal and was the Reserve USDF Sport Horse breeder.


Kathy Hickerson (NH)

Occupation: Retired Astronautical Engineer and Software Manager. Breeding KWPN horses full time.  Owner of Majestic Gaits and partner with VDL Stud distributing their frozen semen from Holland.

KWPN-NA activities: Member since 1984 and has participated in keurings annually since that time and hosted 2 keurings.  Attended almost all the annual KWPN-NA meetings since 2001.  She started Holland tours at the KWPN Stallion Show in Holland.  This included meetings with the KWPN, which led to the now KWPN International Meeting at the annual KWPN Stallion show.  Hosted and ran the KWPN-NA booth at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts from 1999-2005, 2012.  She was KWPN-NA member of the year in 2010 and breeder of the year in 2012.  Kathy is current chair of the KWPN-NA Stallion Committee and member of the KWPN-NA Members Committee.

Background: Kathy owns and operates Majestic Gaits in Brookline, NH.  She breeds both dressage and jumpers. She has bred many #1 KWPN-NA horses in the keurings, star, keur, elite and sport mares.  She currently stand 3 stallions at stud, Schroeder, Navarone and Dante MG.  Kathy Is a KWPN-NA Gold level breeder.

Kathy has been a Director on the New England Dressage Association (NEDA) Board for over 20 years. She managed the members database and grew the membership to almost 2000 members.  She established the NEDA Sporthorse Director position and established the New England USDF Breed Show Series and Championships. She oversees the prestigious NEDA Stallion auction providing funds for breeder/owner education, scholarships and awards.  She is an active member of the NEDA Fall Festival CDI and Breed Show Championships which is the biggest Dressage show in America.  She attends the USDF Annual meetings every year as a GMO delegate and has served on the USDF Members Committee and USDF Sporthorse Committee.  She has had many USDF top Horses of the Year (HOY), participated in the USDF Young Horse National Dressage Championships and National Dressage Championships.  She has also bred horses in Holland that have been named high scoring jumpers of their testing, star, keur and invited and sold at the elite Borculo auction.  Kathy believes in supporting American breeders through education, promotion and awards.

Kathy is also an active member of the USEF Sporthorse Committee.