Stallion Directory

A current listing of KWPN-NA activated stallions. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all KWPN-NA approved or licensed stallions. However, it is a complete list of stallions that have been activated for the current breeding season. Sort by type or click on an image for more information and contacts available for each horse.

Please also see the new tab with “Affiliate” stallions! These are stallions approved with erkend studbooks whose offspring are eligible for registration based on paying their current year stallion dues to KWPN-NA.

  • Big Star
    Big Star

    (Quick Star x Nimmerdor pref)

  • Billy Congo
    Billy Congo

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. AES
    (Vechta x Animo)

  • Chin Quidam VDL
    Chin Quidam VDL

    Appr. Baden-Württemberg and AHHA
    (Chin Chin x Quidam de Revel)

  • Connaisseur

    (Con Amore x Donnerhall)

  • Consul

    (Nimmerdor pref x Purioso keur)

  • Contango <small>preferent</small>
    Contango preferent

    (Contender x Kronprinz xx)

  • Crespo VDL
    Crespo VDL

    (Canturo x Candillo)

  • Dakota VDL
    Dakota VDL

    (Casall x Contender)

  • Dante MG
    Dante MG

    Appr. Oldenburg Verband
    (Chin Chin x Glennridge keur)

  • ERP van
    ERP van

    NEW for 2019!
    Appr. AES
    (Amadeus x Namelus pref)

  • Everdale

    (Lord Leatherdale x Negro pref)

  • Farrington <small>keur</small>
    Farrington keur

    (Wellington keur X Doruto pref)

  • Florianus II <small>crown</small>
    Florianus II crown

    (Florestan I x Damenstolz)

  • Gaudí

    Appr. AES
    (Totilas x De Niro)

  • George Clooney
    George Clooney

    (De Niro erkend x Wolkentanz)

  • GK Calucci
    GK Calucci

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. Rhld, ISR/Old NA, Westf
    (Calido I x Acord II)

  • Glamourdale

    (Lord Leatherdale x Negro pref)

  • Globetrotter

    (Cizandro pref x Harald)

  • Graaf Kelly
    Graaf Kelly

    (Manno pref x Patijn pref)

  • Hancock

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. HV, TV, GOV, Rhld, Westf, etc.
    (Imperio x Munchhausen)

  • Hennessy

    NEW for 2020!
    (De Niro x Jazz pref)

  • Imothep

    Individually Erkend
    (Indoctro pref x Calvados keur)

  • Jaleet

    (Atleet x Plain's Liberator)

  • Jayson

    NEW for 2020!
    (Johnson pref x Negro pref)

  • Juventus

    Renewed for 2020!
    (Dublin x Principaal)

  • Kjento

    NEW for 2020!
    (Negro pref x Jazz pref)

  • Koning DG
    Koning DG

    (Bordeaux x Jazz pref)

  • L Primo DG
    L Primo DG

    NEW for 2020!
    (Bordeaux x Contango pref)

  • Lantanas

    NEW for 2020!
    (Sir Donnerhall x Hemmingway)

  • Messenger VF
    Messenger VF

    (Monte Bellini x Darco)

  • Murka’s Gem
    Murka’s Gem

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. AES
    (Good Twist xx x Noble Jay xx)

  • Navarone

    (Jus de Pomme x Armstrong)

  • Negro  <small>preferent</small>
    Negro preferent

    (Ferro pref x Variant)

  • Olivi <small>keur</small>
    Olivi keur

    (Jazz pref x Aktion keur)

  • Olivier  <small>crown</small>
    Olivier crown

    Individually Erkend
    (Idocus crown x Porter)

  • Painted Black <small>keur</small>
    Painted Black keur

    (Gribaldi pref x Ferro pref)

  • Popeye K
    Popeye K

    (Voltaire pref x L Ronald)

  • Prototype

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. CWHBA, CSHA, Old-NA
    (Palestro vd Begijnakker x Corofino I)

  • Rash R
    Rash R

    (Cash x Rebel Z)

  • Royal Prince
    Royal Prince

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. AHS, Westf, GOV
    (Rohdiamant x Prince Thatch xx)

  • Schroeder

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. Hann, GOV
    (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)

  • Sir Sinclair <small>keur</small>
    Sir Sinclair keur

    (Lord Sinclair x Flemmingh pref)

  • Sternlicht

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. Westf, GOV, AHS
    (Soliman de Hus x Rascalino)

  • Uno Don Diego
    Uno Don Diego

    NEW for 2020!
    Appr. DWB, ARS
    (Dressage Royal x Falkland)

  • Utopie

    (Jacomar x Calvados keur) Appr. Hann, Rhineland, Old NA and CWHBA

  • Vaandrager HBC
    Vaandrager HBC

    (Manno pref x Renovo pref)

  • Vinca <small>sport</small>
    Vinca sport

    Appr. Oldenburg Verband
    (Métall x Idocus crown)

  • Waterford

    Appr. AWR
    (Consul x Farmer)

  • Wynton <small>keur</small>
    Wynton keur

    (Jazz pref x Matador II)

  • Zhivago

    (Krack C x Jazz pref)