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Registered Name Farrington
Registration # 87.3511
Birthdate May 12, 1987
Color and Markings Dark Chestnut; star with connected stripe ending upper lip; LH half stocking
Height 16.3h , 1.70m
Breeding Fee $1,500
Specific Terms, Fees, and Conditions $350 Booking Fee Included. LFG, tank prep/rental and shipping additional. 2 doses shipped at a time. Discounts for multiple mares, quality mares, return breeders.
Semen Available Fresh No; Frozen: Yes
EVA Test Sero- positive, semen negative 2/8/05
WFFS Tested 2018 N/N (non-carrier)
Breeder H. van de Elzen, Netherlands

Profile Updated: 2022


W. van de Lageweg, Netherlands



For Frozen Semen

Kathy Hickerson
Majestic Gaits
68 Russell Hill Road
Brookline, NH 03033
603-557-4054 phone

603-673-4344 office

603-672-0139 fax

KWPN Breeding Designation


  • 2014: Deceased
  • 2005: USEF #1 Dressage Breeding Sire.
  • 1991: Ermelo Stallion Test: W 8.5, T 8, C 8, Riding Test 7.5, Free Jump 5, Jump 4.5, Cross Country 6.5, Temperament 9, Stable Behavior 9, Training Report 8. Total 74

Sports Results

Farrington was unable to compete in sport due to a fractured leg.

  • Farrington has sired 21 Elite, 23 Keur, 9 Keur Eligible, 63 Star, 16 Preferent, 4 Prestatie, 37 Sport, 3 Second Round stallions and 2 Third Round stallions

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No Results.

Offspring Sports Results

  • 2021: Awel van de Kwikaard: Stable View Fall Frenzy: FEI PSG 2nd place. Dressage in Spring at Bruce’s Field 4th-1 1st place 69.23%, Spring Fever 4th-1 1st place 66.28%
    Cairo: ENYDCTA Dressage FEI Junior Freestyle 1st place 62.27%
    Code of Conduct: Capistrano Dressage 2nd-1 1st place 69.59%
    Gintaras: US Dressage Finals 4th- Freestyle AA 1st place 73.66%, NEDA Reg 8 Championships PSG 3rd place 66.838%, 4th Freestyle Championship Res champion 72.217%, PSG Champ, WNYDA Summer Festival 1 FEI PSG 2nd 65.8% 1st 68.088%, Houghton College FEI PSG 1st place 66.47%
    Karrington MG: NEDA Breed Show III & USDF NE Series Championship.  KWPN IBC 1st place 80.6%, NE Series Stallion Final res Champion 79.4%, Stallions 1st place 82.25%
    Shadowfax: Winter Wonderland Dressage Dressage Seat Equitation 1st place 69%
    Tyara: Reg 1 Championship, FEI GP 1st place 62.065%, WEC Dressage VI FEI Grand Prix AA 2nd place 64.457%
    Uloma MG: Centerline @ Hits I FEI Int-1 East Coast Riders Cup 3rd 63.529%
    Winter: WEC XV FEI Freestyle 1st Place 74.25%, American Dressage Concours FEI Freestyle 1st place 73.67%, Heidelburg Cup 2 FEI Int 1 2nd place 70.58%, Heidelburg Cup I FEI Int-1 1st place 68.97%
  • 2020: Karrington MG licensed Oldenburg. Uloma MG CDS PSG Champion, Sperry View Fall Show 64.5%. Gintaras 3rd level champion Reg 8 Championship Freestyle 73.8%; AA 3rd Champion 71.6%, 4-2 72.8%, 4-2 70.1%, 4th FS 73.1%. Lady Elvira Open Preliminary 4th Full Gallop Farm January Horse Trials. Tyara FEI Int-II Reg 1 Championship champion 65.5%, champion FEI Int-II 68.2% Dressage at Stone Tavern II, champion FEI Int-II 69.1% Dressage at Stone Tavern I, Winter FEI Int-I Freestyle CDI3* 71.2% res champion, FEI Freestyle TOC champion 72.6%. Canadian Exchange/Virgil Limestone Senior Beginner Novice 6th Rocking Horse Winter II/II Advanced Horse Trials; 4th Beginner Novice Rider A Rocking Horse Winter I Horse Trials.
  • 2019: Romance PSG/I1, Revelation PSG/I1, Francette 1.3m 4th place Santa Fe Summer Series- Sonrisa week. Curry 1st place Novice Young Riders Benefit HT, res champ Beginner Novice Twin Rivers CCI & HT
  • 2018: Winter FEI Int-1 res champion 71.1% Global Dressage Festival 5, Wisdome GP res champion 63.3% CDS Fall Fling & Regional AA Competition, champion GP 65.1% West Coast Dressage Festival 4-Del Mar Finale
  • 2017: Awel v/d Kwikaard FEI I-1 champion Trion Spring 1 72.6%; champion FEI I-1 70.5% Global Dressage Festival 3, Wisdom MVS $300 GP Stakes champion Dressage at the Gaits, FEI GP champion Paso Robles Dressage Summer Classic 65.2%
  • 2012: Enzo 3 year old Materiale Champion 83.2% Dressage at Waterloo June

Special Offspring Awards:
Uloma MG Elite 3rd overall KWPN-NA USDF Horse of the Year in FEI 5 YO Division.
Bolero 1st premium and Top 10 in Keuring tour.
Zen Rosa #2 KWPN-NA Elite Mare keuring tour.
Sizarma M Highest IBOP 2003 and 2004 Material HOY.

Offspring Jumping:
Naomi 1.4m jumper. Bourbon Street 2013 1.1m jumper

Offspring Eventing:
Code of Conduct CIC2* 2014-2017 USA Preliminary 2018 (7th/21)
Lady Elvira Open Preliminary 4th Full Gallop Farm January Horse Trials.

  • Daughter Naomi 1.4m international show jumper, semifinal IAN trophy and PAVO CUP.
  • Daughter Perry Dutch Reserve Champion in the class for 3-year-old mares.
  • Daughter Theandra Dutch Reserve Champion of the ‘Keur and Elite’ mares.
  • Zoe Florence 2007 #4 National Mare in Ermelo, NL.
  • TD Prince Charming 5th in Holland at Zl Level at Indoor Brabant.
  • 2020: Winter Reserve Champion Wellington FEI I-1 71.2%
  • 2018: Zelion B Young Rider PSG/I-1 4th Diepenbeek 67.4%
    2016: Wisdom MVS  Grand Prix
  • 2015: Michigan Junior CDI 6th individual, 11th team Z2-dr. Tyara FEI GP Res Ch Buenes Aires 66%, Res Champ Saugerties, Zancudo Like Junior Z2 Dressage 7th 67% Le Mans, Awel van de kwikaard Res champion YR PSG/I1 66.1% Biarritz; 5th YR PSG/I1 Le Mans 67%
  • 2016: Tyara FEI GP Wellington CDI3* 4th 66.8%
  • 2014: Tyara Champion GOP CDI2* Rosario, Santa Fe 66.6%
  • Offspring performing at FEI Grand Prix:
    Lyraz, Melvin C, Nashville/N’Oubliez Jamais, Nitraat (DE),  Odessa/Odessa STV, Olando (AUS) 2 x Queensland Champion,  Tyara (champion multiple Grand Prix), Winter M, Wisdom MVS
  • Offspring performing at FEI PSG-Int II:
    Abdal, Alexander van de Boleemhoeve, Awel van de Kwikaard, Cairo, Labyrinth, Living-Colors/Tristan, Michigan (2005 Individual Gold NAJYRC Dressage Championships), Natano M, Noah/Noah 3, Labyrinth, Limited Edition/Luigi (GBR), Lord Munde, Menneke, Mistral, Manager, Muffin, Newton, Otrandy, Omera, Onno, Ovala, Ovola/Olivia, Paljas/TD· Prince Charming, Perey, Revelation/Roy, Romax/Romance, Romeo, Salsetta, Theandra/Temptation, To Soon, Tristan, Twirre, Winter, Uloma MG, Velono V, VIP, Vivaldi W, Wendela, Zancudo Like, Zelion B