Vaandrager HBC

| January 1, 2014


  • Show Name/Registered Name Vaandrager HBC
  • Registration # 02.09018
  • Birthdate June 14, 2002
  • Color and Markings Black; irregular star, white spot upper and lower lip; BFL pastern; LH half stocking.
  • Height 16.2h, 168cm
  • Breeding Fee  $900 LFG
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions Booking fee included, live foal guarantee. Mare care $10/day, Shipped Semen overnight $150.
  • Semen Available Fresh: Yes; Frozen: No
  • EVA Test Sero-negative 12/07/2012, Vaccinated 10/14/2013.
  • WFFS Tested 2018 N/N (non-carrier)
  • Breeder K. Polinder, Netherlands

001782_2_th_VaandragerpedigreeOWNER OF RECORD
David and Lorene Beachy

David and Lorene Beachy
Farbig Farm
14047 SR 4
Goshen, IN 46528

574-825-3943 Phone

KWPN Breeding Designation Approved

  • 2005: Performance Test – Carriage 8, Suspension 8, Action Foreleg 8.5, Use Hindleg 8, Enthusiasm 8, General Impression 8, Total 48.5 Points (4th of 7).

Breeding Advice

  • Vaandrager HBC seems to improve on the head, length of the poll and quality of the legs. He also improves on self-carriage (lift in the front) in the trot. He fits best with mares have a long foreleg, good action in front and power behind.

Sport Results in Holland

  • 2011: 3rd place Oregon Trofee.
  • 2008: Winner KWPN Stallion Competition.
  • LK+23. Breeding Index 145 (68%).

Sport Results in North America

  • 2012: Imported from Netherlands.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in Holland

  • Of his 394 offspring, 13 are in driving competition. He has sired 1 approved son, 24 star mares and 3 keur mares. He showed a uniform collection of sufficiently to well developed, tuig-type foals with good rectangular conformation. The foals rise in the front during the trot. The action of the foreleg varies and foals should develop a little more power from behind.
  • 2010: Son Doran ster in Zwolle, daughter Belandra 84 points IBOP, Ballerina keur 76 points IBOP.
  • 2009: two sons ster in Zwolle, two sons aangewezen. Baanbreker reserve champion at Stallion Show.
  • 2008: five 1st premium foals, Ballerina 5th for 2-year old fillies at National Harness Horse Day. . 2007: Eight 1st premium foals.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America

  • 2017: Kinetic Energy 3rd Top Fives Harness 2-yr-olds, Jeoperty 3rd Top Fives Harness Mares, Jägermeister Reserve Champion Top Fives Harness Stallions.
  • 2014: Julian 3rd place Top Fives, Jeoperty first premium, Buliena keur.
  • 2013: Daughter Charisma keur 80 points and 1st place in the harness IBOP.

Available Fresh/Cooled, Harness, Stallion Directory

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