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  • Registered/Show Name Hennessy (Handsome Boy)
  • Registration 528003 201203466
  • Birthdate April 20 2012
  • Color Black
  • Height 171cm, 16.3hh
  • Breeding Fee  $1250 USD or $1950 CDN
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions LFG up to 4 doses. Import fee, shipping, Canadian HST not included (see contract/website for details). Dose only contracts also available.
  • Semen Available Fresh: No; Frozen: Yes
  • EVA Test contact stallion agent
  • WFFS contact stallion agent


VDL Stud and Verhagen Horse Service


Kathy Hickerson, Majestic Gaits
68 Russell Hill Road
Brookline, NH 03033

603-673-4344 phone
603-672-0139 fax
Majestic Gaits
VDL Stud- Hennessy


Prima Equestrian
16979 9th Line
Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0 Canada


Breeding Designation KWPN Approved 2015

Sport Results in Europe:

2015 KWPN Stallion Test (Champion): Walk: 8 Trot: 8 Canter: 8.5 Elasticity: 8.5 Balance: 8.5 Rideability: 7.5 Talent for Dressage: 8.5 Total: 82

2016: 4th NL Stallion Competition Serioes

2019: Competing ZZZ Level in NL (4th Level US). Someren Champion ZZZ Level 69%

NL Offspring: 2017: Meliek-H was Champion of the colts at the foal show of Harich and in Tolbert his daughter Mara BKO became Champion. My Gladys VZ took reserve champion at the CK Noord Brabant. Matisse was the best dressage bred foal at the NAWPN foal inspections in the Northern American keuring for 2017.

In 2016 La Nadinda Altena was reserve champion of the Dressage Foals at the CK Zuid-Holland and Lord Hennessy B was reserve champion at the CK Friesland. Latanya VDL placed 3rd at the foal show of Harich.

USA Offspring:

2019: Marcato MG NEDA-Reserve Champion Young Horse, Reserve champion Series championship colt/gelding, KWPN-NA IBC Champion, Colt/Gelding Champion 81.6%, UMASS II-Colt/Gelding Champion, UMASS I-Colt/Gelding Reserve Champion.
Matisse Dressage at Devon-2 yr fillies Reserve Champion 80.225%
Novarette MG NEDA-Champion Yearling filly 80.35% Reserve Champion KWPN IBC 80.6% 3rd place Series Filly Series championship, UMASS II-Champion Yearling Filly, Champion KWPN/NA IBC, Reserve Champion Filly Championship. UMASS I-Champion Yearling Filly 80.4% Reserve Champion Filly Championship.
Oskar Dressage at Devon-Champion Current Year Colt 79.4%, Reserve Champion Current year foal Series Final 79.188, Champion Foal
Ouzo MG KWPN-NA 1st Premium
Opulence CLF 1st Premium #10 KWPN-NA top 10 Dressage Foals KWPN-NA
Mojo P 1st Premium #4 KWPN-NA top 10 Dressage 2 year old

2018: Matisse ESDCTA Memorial Weekend 1-Champion Yearling Filly, Champion KWPN/NA IBC, Champion Filly Championship, ESDCTA Memorial Weekend 2-Yearling Filly Champion 79.475%, Reserve Champion Filly Championship
Narnia Dream 1st Premium

2017: Matisse: KWPN-NA #1 Top Five Dressage Foal & 1st Premium

Available Frozen, Riding Type, Stallion Directory

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