KWPN Predicates

Predicates reflect the various parts of the KWPN breeding goal: performance, conformation, soundness and durability. Some predicates are earned by the horse itself, others are earned through offspring.


All Horses – ster, PROK, D-OC, IBOP, crown

Mares only – keur, elite, preferent, prestatie

Stallions only – ster, 2de bezichtiging, 3rd bezichtiging, aangewezen (or Licensed), keur, preferent

Mares, Geldings and Stallions in NA only – sport

Studbook inspection and acquisition of the star, keur, IBOP and sport predicates are only available within a horse’s breeding direction. Ster mares that were previously accepted into the studbook as a Riding type will receive their keur predicate in the breeding direction of their performance test or sport record (Dressage, Jumper or Hunter). Riding type mares can earn the PROK, D-OC, preferent and prestatie predicates in the same manner as mares of the dressage/jumper/hunter breeding directions. Earning these predicates does not lead to a change in the breeding direction.


Predicates earned at a keuring (breeding direction specific)

Ster (★)

A horse with a ster predicate has above average con­formation and movement and/or jumping. The ster predicate is awarded at studbook inspection to stallions, mares and geldings that have earned minimum of 70 points for conformation and minimum 75 points for movement or jumping. Minimum required height is 160cm.
If a horse earns 70 points for conformation, but less than 75 points for movement or jumping, it can earn the ster predicate by passing the IBOP test in the same breeding direction.

Keur (K)

A predicate for ster mares that are keur eligible, having conformation higher than for ster, and that have completed IBOP performance test or equivalent sport requirements.

Elite (E)

A predicate awarded to keur mares that have also completed the D-OC predicate (for riding type mares) or PROK (for harness mares only or horses who do not qualify for D-OC testing).


A predicate for KWPN Foalbook or Studbook, Register A, Auxiliary Foalbook or Auxiliary Studbook horses that successfully complete the IBOP riding or driving test. Combined with keur eligibility, this predicate would count toward keur.

Predicates not earned at a keuring


Project Röntgenologisch Onderzoek KWPN (Project Radiographical Research KWPN). The breeding purpose of the KWPN states, among other things, that it wants to breed healthy horses. The PROK predicate is awarded to horses that meet the KWPN’s radiograph requirements. This means the horse has good bone quality, which—if bred—it can pass on to any potential offspring. The radiographs are evaluated by an independent KWPN committee, and with a positive evaluation the PROK certificate is awarded.

. Acceptable levels are:

Acceptable Radiograph Scores

•  Navicular Bone
•  Sesamoids
•  Pastern Arthritis
•  Bone Spavin
•  OCD Hock & Knee
•  OCD Fetlock
Class A–B; Class C only acceptable under certain conditions
No selection
The KWPN standard is not met if a score is higher than the above.

Radiographs may be taken any time after April 1 of the two-year-old year. Radiographs must be evaluated by the KWPN within three months of being taken.


A predicate awarded to KWPN registered mares, stallions and geldings based on their genomic breeding value.  This is done on the basis of a DNA test to acquire (at a young age) a prediction of the potential of the  horse for specific characteristics.

DNA samples will be collected in the form of hair for the purpose of the calculation of the genomic breeding values on the basis of the DNA tests. DNA samples can be submitted to the KWPN-NA office and will be forwarded to the KWPN. The owner should take two samples and submit them in separate baggies in case the first sample does not provide a usable result.

Click here for Application

NEW The KWPN-NA is now awarding medallions to any mare/stallion/gelding who has acheived the Preferent, Prestatie or Crown predicates in the last 30 years. Click here for the application and details

Preferent (pref or PA)

A predicate awarded to KWPN registered mares that have produced three offspring that have earned the ster predicate. The predicate may also be awarded posthumously. Each of the offspring must be:  Click here for Application

  • Mare – ster, keur or elite
  • Gelding – ster quality
  • Stallion – ster, 2nd or 3rd round, aangewezen (selected for performance test), or approved by the KWPN or Erkend studbook.

Prestatie (prest)

A predicate awarded to KWPN registered mares that have a minimum of two offspring earning a combined minimum of five points as described below. The predicate may also be awarded posthumously.

Performance in two disciplines by a single offspring both count toward the prestatie predicate according to the point system. In the case of multiple performances in the same discipline, only the higher one will count. See chart for point system. Click here for Application.

Points earned through Performance Points
• Completed stallion performance test¹ 1
• Completed stallion performance test and is approved¹ 2
• IBOP earning the minimum points for prestatie² 1
• Dressage competition at Z1+1 one point at L3T1 or higher)³ 1
• Dressage competition at Z2+1 (one point at L3T2 or higher)³ 2
• Dressage competition at Grand Prix 3
• Jumping competition M+5 (5 points at Level 5 or higher)³ 1
• Jumping competition Z+1 (1 point at Level 6 or higher)³ 2
• Jumping competition at Grand Prix 3
• Combined training M+5 (5 points at Training or higher) ³ 1
• Combined training Z+1 (1 point at Preliminary or higher) ³ 2
• Combined Driving at International level, participating in all components³ 1

¹ Performance test – A son that has completed the 1996 or later KWPN Performance Test in Holland or in North America.

² IBOP riding test
Each offspring that meets one of the following criteria can earn 1 point.

Through 1994 90 points, gaits average of 9
90 points, jumping 9, min. gaits average of 6
1995–2005 45 points for jumping
45 points for dressage, basic gaits minimum of 7
85 points overall, basic gaits minimum of 6
2006 and later 80 points
² IBOP driving test
Through 1994 Minimum 90 points  2
1995 and later more than 80 points but less than 85
85 points or more (all scores minimum of 8)

³ Sport  (Dressage tests 2003 and later only!)

Z1 dressage = L3T1; Z2 dressage = L3T2
M jumping (1.20m) = (3’11”) Jumper: Level 5 or Hunter: Second year Green
Z jumping ((1.30m) = (4’3”) Jumper Level 6 or Hunter: Regular Working Hunter
M eventing (CC 1.20m) = Training level (3’11”); Z eventing (CC 1.30m) = Preliminary level (4’3”)


A predicate awarded to KWPN Registered mares (Geldings and Stallions in NA only) on the basis of their own performance at recognized shows. (Note: Dressage tests 2003 and later only!) Owners can request this predicate by mailing in the horse’s registration paper along with the sport application and official proof of sport results required for the predicate. After confirmation of results, new papers and a certificate will be mailed to the owner.   Click here for Application

  • 1 point at minimum Z2 dressage* (L3T2)
  • 6 points at minimum Z level jumping (Level 6 jumping; jumps to 1.30m or 4’3″)
  • 6 points in 3’6+ Hunter Divisions (Amateur, Junior and Professional Divisions)
  • points at Z level eventing (Preliminary) with no more than 20 penalty points in cross country


A KWPN-NA performance predicate awarded to stallions, mares and geldings competing at FEI levels. Horses must be within the 300 top-ranked dressage or jumping horses in the WBFSH/FEI rankings.

♦ ♦ ♦

Winning Points

Winning points may be earned as follows:

Dressage: 70% or more = 3 winning points 65% to 70% = 2 winning points 60 to 65% = 1 winning point

50 to 60% = no change

45 to 50% = 1 losing point

Jumper: Clear round = 2 winning points, One rail down (4 faults) = 1 winning point Four rails down (16 faults) = 1 losing point

Elimination = 2 losing points
Hunter: TBD

Eventing: Completing cross country without faults and within time limit = 2 points;Completing cross country with not more than 10 penalty points at M level or 20 penalty points at Z level = 1 point Elimination from cross country = 2 losing points