UB 40 keur

| August 3, 2013


  • Registered/Show Name UB 40
  • Registration # 01.02948
  • Birthdate April 10, 2001
  • Color and Markings Chestnut, no markings
  • Height 16.2h, 167cm
  • Breeding Fee $1,500 LFG
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions Booking fee of $500 included in breeding fee. See contract for specifics.
  • Semen Available Fresh: Yes; Frozen: No
  • EVA Test Sero positive, semen negative 08/09/2005 prior to vaccination. Semen negative 04/10/2013. Vaccinated, 10/17/2012. Tested and vaccinated annually.
  • WFFS Tested 2018 N/N (non-carrier)
  • Breeder A.J. v Os, Netherlands

000207_2_th_ub40_pedigreeOWNER OF RECORD
Iron Spring Farm, Inc.


Iron Spring Farm, Inc.
75 Old Stottsville Road
Coatesville, PA 19320

610-383-4717 (8AM-5PM EST)
610-857-9106 Fax
UB 40 Profile

Deceased 2018

KWPN Breeding Designation Approved

  • 2018: Awarded the Keur predicate
  • 2002: Successfully completed the 70-Day Performance Test Ermelo. Dressage W 8, T 8.5, C 8, TD 8.5 = 33.0, 2nd place; Jumping TO 4.5, T 5, S 5, TJ 5 = 19.5, 14th place; Total 52.50, 11th of 18 (14).

Sport Results in Europe

  • 2004: Placed 3rd in the championship keuring for dressage horses. Sold at KWPN Select Sale Stallion Auction for 145,000 €. KWPN Performance Test: Walk is pure with more than sufficient scope. Trot has good scope with good impulsion, good self-carriage and good balance. Canter has good scope, more than sufficient impulsion, good balance and good self-carriage. UB-40 has much to very much talent for dressage and gives his rider a very good feeling. Expectation value dressage 141 (18%).
  • Also approved Oldenburg, Westfalen and Swedish.

Sport Results in North America

2016 Leading Dressage Stallion- ranked 6th

  • 2017: Beijing A and Clapton JP winning at Grand Prix, Fairvoya A wins at Preliminary eventing
  • 2010: L3 & L4, Twice as Nice 1 & Ocala Winter Dressage; L4 Twice as Nice 2 & Wellington Classic II. PSG, May Days at Canterbury. 1st L4T2 71.591%, 6th PSG, Heidelberg Cup 1. 3rd PSG, 5th USEF Developing Horse, VADA/NOVA Summer. 1st PSG, FEI Hi Score, Dressage at Blue Goose 2. 1st & 6th PSG, Dressage at the Park. 1st Get of Sire, DAD.
  • 2009: 1st L3T3, 2nd L4T1, Dressage at Heavenly Waters. 1st L4T2 (70%), 1st L4T2, 3rd L4T1, VADA/Nova Autumn Dressage.
  • 2007: 1st FEI 6-Yr-Olds 76.400%, 1st L2T1, 1st. FEI 6-Yr-Olds 73.600%; Ocala Spring Dressage. 1st & 2nd FEI 6-Yr-Olds, 1st L3T3- O & Q; PVDA 42nd Competition. 1st FEI 6 -Yr-Olds 7.820 %, 4th FEI 6-Yr-Olds Prelim. 7.660%, 3rd FEI 6-Yr-Olds Finale 7.9%; Capital Dressage Classic. 1st L3T1 72.308%, 1st L3T3, 1st FEI 6-Yr-Olds Finale 7.240%; Dressage at Fair Hill. 1st FEI 6-Yr-Olds Prelim, 1st FEI 6-Yr-Olds Finale 7.580%, 1st L3T3 O & Q, 1st L3T1; Dressage at Lexington. First place KWPN/USDF All Breeds FEI 6-Yr-Olds.
  • 2006: 2nd place DG Bar Cup for 5-yr olds.
  • 2005: Exported September. Will be competing with Belinda Nairn-Wertman.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in Europe

  • 2014: SLI Adagio 4th Intermediaire I MFS, Saumur CDI3*. Alain Delon and Abel showing PSG/Int. I. El Capone Reserve Champion Pavo Cup Finals. Beauty Boy 1st Le Pin au Haras CIC1*, 2nd Waregem CIC2*. Apache 1st PSG Drachten CDI3*
  • 2012: Son El Capone approved by KWPN.
  • 2009/2010: Apache Res Champ Pavo Cup 5-Yr-Olds, approved KWPN, OLD, WEST, SWB. Adagio, Benz & Bon Jovi selected perf test. Bon Ami & Briljant 2nd Round Stal Shw. Bon Jovi & Bobo Pavo Cup Qualifiers. Aisha R & Bizzy-Bella prok prov keur. Baby Face prov keur. Alouette, Banouk & Black Beauty L IBOP/dr. Butterfly EPTM/dr. Atleta Utopia & Bella Dodona elite/dr.
  • 2008: Son Apache approved by KWPN.
    Two sons were selected for the Performance Test. Apache (ex Amigo, ds. Krack C) was Reserve Champion of the Stallion show and was then approved by the KWPN, earning 78 points at his test.
  • 2005: UB-40 showed a collection of generously developed, long legged, riding type foals. The hamstring should be a little longer. The foals show much impulsion, scope and suppleness in all three traits. UB-40 appears to fit mares that lack movement but that do have good rectangular model.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America

  • 2015: 8th in USEF Leading Sire of Dressage horses.
  • 2014: Clapton JP 1st USEF Developing Horse PGS, Global Dressage; 3rd FEI PSG, Gold Coast Dressage. El Paso ISF, Eye Candy, Emeres, Enya WS, U Rock and Casey all winning at First Level.
  • 2013: Dressage: Clapton JP L3; Carinda WS, Casey, Centerline HF, Enya L1. Top Fives: Izara ISF champion dressage foal; Fleetwood ISF, Fait Accompli MMW dressage geldings; Evanta III MMW dressage mares; UB-42 DGBC 4-YO.
  • 2012: Caterina CC, Capote, Covergirl, Dalwhinney all showing Training Level. Clapton JP 8th USEF 5-YO Champs. Top Fives: High Fire-MGE 3rd Foals/dr, El Paso-ISF Ch Geld-Stal/dr, 4th IBOP/dr, 3rd DGB Cup 3-YO.
  • 2011: Top Fives – Gemstone HF, Fait Accompli MMW, El Paso ISF, Capote, Dorado ISF and Citation ISF. Del Mar 1st USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding 3-Yr Old Geldings. Tiger Tops TrT3. Carinda WS Low Wkng Hunter.
  • 2010: El Paso ISF 1st Yearling Colts/Geldings, Colt Champ, Yng Hrs Champ, GAIG/USDF Colt Champ, KWPN Yng Hrs, DAD.  Covergirl SCF 8th 3-Yr-Old Fillies, DAD.  Bram 6th Tr Level VADA-NOVA.  Centerline HF 1st Tr, 1st High Point AA 73.8 GAIG/USDF Reg. 3 Champs
  • 2009: Cinco De Mayo ISF 2nd 2-Yr-Old Colts and Geldings DAD. El Paso ISF 1st Colts of 2009 DAD. KWPN Top Fives: Ezsa 3rd, Evanta III MMW 4th Dressage Foals/Weanlings; Davinci SSF 3rd Dressage Yearlings.
  • 2008: Dorado ISF Reserve Champion Foal and GAIG/USDF Colt and Gelding Championship, Dressage at Devon. Da Vinci SSF 5th KWPN-NA Dressage Foals. Del Mar Champion Colts and Geldings 3-YO and Younger, Mid States Series GAIG/USDF Breeders Championship.
  • 2007: Cinco de Mayo-ISF 1st Colts of 2007, Covergirl-ISF 8th Fillies of 2007; Dressage at Devon. Centerline HF 1st USDF/Adequan HOY DSHB Weanling Colts & Geldings.

Available Frozen, Riding Type

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