Harmony’s Rousseau

| January 1, 2014


  • Show Name Harmony’s Rousseau
  • Registered Name Rousseau
  • Registration # 98.07418
  • Birthdate June 8, 1998
  • Color and Markings Bay; small high offset star, right hind and left hind socks.
  • Height 17h, 171cm
  • Breeding Fee  $1,000 / dose.
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions  Sold by the dose.
  • Semen Available Fresh: No; Frozen: Yes
  • EVA Test Sero-negative 08/06 prior to importation, Sero-negative 12/12/2006 after importation. Tested negative 11/16/09. Vaccinated annually.
  • Breeder J.D.A. Haak, Netherlands

000204_2_th_Rousseau_pedigreeOWNER OF RECORD
Harmony Sporthorses
Kiowa, CO 80117

Sporthorse Legacy
Middletown, DE 19709

215-962-0463 Phone


KWPN Breeding Designation Approved

  • 2001: Stallion Performance Test Ermelo: Dressage W 8.5, T 7.5, C 8, TD 8 Jumping TO 6, T 6.5, S 5.5, TJ 6.5

Sport Results in Europe

  • 2003: Silver Medalist at FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Dressage Horses. Reserve Champion PAVO Cup 5-Yr Old dressage horses.
  • 2002: PAVO Cup Winner, Dutch Nat’l 4-year old Dressage Champion.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in Europe

  • 2013: Zippo in top 6 at CDI 3* GP, Verden, winner GP Special. Jean Baptiste Carnus approved in Finland, best FWB stallion. Grandson Dorado winner Bronze Medal WYHBC 5-YO.
  • 2010: Zjengis Khan qualified World Breeding Champs 6-Yr Olds.
  • 2008: Ampère (ds. Flemmingh) dressage Ch KWPN Stallion Show and Ch of Stallion Licensing at Ermelo. Fiorano (ds. Rotspon) Ch 70 Day Stallion Test at Munster-Handorf, Germany. Warola (ds. Ubis) 4th at PAVO Cup. Zerlinneke (ds. Flemmingh) IBOP Ch at Roosendaal 85 pts. Blue Hors Zack (ds. Jazz) 3rd Danish Young Horse Champion.
  • 2007: Leads KWPN Dressage Index – 181 (65%) – for stallions with 4-6 YO offspring. Son Zenon approved by KWPN. Blue Hors Zack (ds. Jazz) dressage Ch KWPN stallion show and highest ever selling horse KWPN Select Sale (430,000 €), exp. to Denmark. Zonnefony (ds. Ahorn) in top of Nat’l Mare Show.
  • 2006: Wamberto (ds. Voltaire) Dressage Champion KWPN Stallion show. Wodora (ds. Columbus) 4th KWPN Nat’l Mare Show (dressage).
  • 2005: Violita (ds. Krack C) Ch Mare of Noord Holland and 3rd Nat’l Mare Show. Ajong (ds. Flemmingh) topped Borculo Elite Foal Auction (41,000 €). German foals take top four titles Cha and Res Ch Fillies and Colts at Hengststation Pape show.
  • 2004: The #2 and #3 colt at the Dutch National Foal Championships.
  • 2002: Very good KWPN foal report.

Offsprings’ Sport Results in North America

  • 2013: Zodessa 5th Individual Juniors at NAJYRC. Allure S successful at Int. I with scores in 70’s.
  • 2012: Rhiannon USDF AA Tr level HOY & ch ISR/OldNA All Breeds; VIP (ds Wellington) swept FEI YR division at Saugerties CDI & Devon with all scores over 70%.
  • 2011: Top Fives – Fortissimo 3rd Dressage Yearlings; Ezabella HF 3rd Dressage 2-Yr Olds; Evelina HF 4th (tie) Dressage 2-Yr Olds.
  • 2009: Top Fives Results:
  • Elita ENF: 5th Dressage Foals/Weanlings
  • Arousseau HF: 4th place Dressage Geldings, 5th Dressage IBOP; 4thDG Bar Cup for 4-Yr-Olds
  • Alympia: 5th place Dressage Mares,
  • Zsunami: Champion (tie) Dressage IBOP, Champion DG Bar Cup 5-Yr-Olds.
  • 2008: Dazzler RFW #2 KWPN-NA Top Ten Foal. Zodica Ch IBOP, Keur, Ch DGB Cup at Pennock Pt. Rousseanna AHS MPT Ch. Many Site Ch foals with AHS, ISR/OldNA.
  • 2007: KWPN-NA Top Five: Bekka CF #2 Yearling, Zonnerhall #3 3-YO-DGB Cup, Wrigley #4 Dress Geld/Stallion, Armani #5 2-YO, Zandreau JP #5 DGB Cup 3-YO. Wamberto Champion N.A. 100-Day Test.
  • 2006: Armani 2nd Yearling Colts, 6th KWPN-NA 2 & Under – Devon. Zanita 3rd KWPN-NA 2 & Under – Devon. Winnetou Ch 3 YO DGB Cup at ISF; 3rd overall. Wiando 2nd KWPN-NA Top Ten Geld/Mvmt. Bacara SVS #5 Foal.
  • 2005: NA/WPN Top Ten Foals #1 Arturo, #5 Ad Lib S.E., #7 Arousseau, #8 Armani. Armani Ch Colt 2005 at Devon.
  • 2004: Zsunami #3 NA/WPN Top Ten Foal.
  • 2003: Wrigley #6 NA/WPN Top Ten Foal.

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