Claybrook Farms Cup

| December 6, 2013

A Free-Jumping Competition for Three and Four-Year-OldsClaybrook Farms - Sales and Breeding of Dutch Warmblood horses in Ithaca, Michigan

Starting 2013, Claybrook Farms, of Ithaca, MI., is sponsoring the Claybrook Farms Cup. The CBF Cup is a free-jumping competition for horses two through four years of age.

Horses are evaluated on scope, carefulness, quickness, technique and willingness. The class is open to both jumper and hunter horses, however all horses will be judged the same. Entrants may sign up for the Claybrook Farms Cup only or in combination with their studbook inspection. Horses that are signed up for both will be judged simultaneously for both classes.

Prizes will be awarded at the subsequent Annual Meeting or will be mailed at that time. Prizes include:

  • Blankets to the owners of the 1st and 2nd place horse per age group over the entire Keuring tour.
  • Prize Money to the owners of the top two horses over the entire Keuring tour regardless of age: 1st place: $1000 and 2nd place: $500.


  • Three-Year-Olds – Mares, geldings and stallions from all KWPN books, no conformation requirements.
  • Four-Year-Olds – Mares, geldings and stallions from all KWPN books, no conformation requirements.

Jump Chute

Claybrook Farms Cup Jump Heights and spreads

3-Year Olds:
4-Year Olds:

3’9 height, max 3’9” spread (1.2m)
4’ to 4’3 height, max 4’ to 4’3” spread (1.2-1.3m)


Horses will jump an age-appropriate chute of up to three jumps. The CBF Cup will use the same jump chute used for studbook inspection. Maximum heights are listed below and compare to the KWPN height requirements. Heights listed are a guideline, but are designed to be consistent with both the Young Horse Championship rules and those of the KWPN. Heights and spreads will be carefully adapted to each horse according to their ability and willingness.

This class is designed for horses that have had experience and/or schooling in a jump chute. The following rules apply:

  • Horses will be excused after three consecutive refusals.
  • The first pass through the chute will have a complete set of jumps at a low level and be raised accordingly.
  • The last pass through the chute will be set at the heights and width appropriate to each age group.

Fences: The chute will consist of three fences: a crossrail, a vertical and an ascending oxer. Standard KWPN spacing of fences meets the criteria for the CBF Cup and will be used. Distances might be adjusted if necessary.

There will be a minimum of two judges. Horses will be scored as follows:

  • Scope 30 points
  • Carefulness 20 points
  • Quickness 20 points
  • Technique 20 points
  • Willingness 10 points

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