KWPN Forms


Membership and Transfer of Ownership

  • Membership Application
    2018 Membership Application
  • Transfer of Horse Ownership
    The following are required to transfer ownership.

    • Original registration paper (and passport if there is one)
    • Signed Bill of Sale or Signature of the Owner of Record on the Transfer of Ownership form.
    • Transfer fee of $25 for full members, or transfer fee of $50 for non-members.
    • Completed Transfer of Ownership form (signature of previous owner is not necessary if a signed Bill of Sale from the previous owner of record is included)

2018 Transfer of Ownership with Membership

If you do not have a bill of sale from the last owner of record, it is also required that you send in this ownership affidavit with your transfer: 2018 Ownership Affidavit

  • Change of Name

A horse’s name is eligible to be changed as long as the horse has no offspring at the time of the change request. The name requested MUST still start with the assigned letter of the birth year.

Change of Name Form

Breeding & Registration

*If you bred to a KWPN Approved and Activated stallion, the breeding should have been reported for you. If you have any questions or doubt, please contact the KWPN-NA office for verification*

  • Fresh Cooled Semen Insemination
    Fresh/Chilled/Live Semen Insemination Record
  • Frozen Semen Insemination Form
    Frozen Insemination Record
  • KWPN Dekbewijs – Birth Declaration
    If a pregnant mare is imported from Holland and her foal is born in North America, the KWPN Dekbewijs (= KWPN-NA Birth Declaration) must be used to register the Foal. Following is a translation of the KWPN Dekbewijs to help you fill out the form.
    KWPN Dekbewijs PDF
  • Application for Duplicate Papers
    If registration papers have been lost or destroyed, duplicate papers may be applied for. Application to include:
    • Registered names and registration numbers of the horse, sire and dam;
    • A minimum of three photographs, clearly showing all markings;
    • Hair sample for DNA testing or vet signed statement with Microchip number
    • Explanation of Loss signed by owner of record (or current owner with all necessary bills of sale);
    • Fee for Duplicate Registration (includes DNA typing of horse):
    $200 for a horse on file at the KWPN-NA office, OR
    $300 for imported horse not on file at KWPN-NA office
    $50 for duplicate KWPN passport.
    Horse identification and ownership must be clearly established or request may be denied. No refunds will be made. A $25 rebate will be issued if original registration paper is found and returned to KWPN-NA office.
    Duplicate Papers Application
  • Request for DNA Typing (not required for foals as it is included in registration)
    DNA Typing Form
  • Registration Paper Update Form
    Used to upgrade the registration of offspring when status of a parent is upgraded.
    Registration Paper Upgrade Form
  • Horse Research Application
    Keur, Prestatie, Preferent or Sport (sport applies to Geldings in North America too). There is no charge for this application unless you request KWPN-NA to do research on the sport results for you.
    Request for Horse Research
  • Horse Lease Agreement
    Required for sport awards, foal registration and keuring entry of a horse owned by another party.
    Lease Registration Form
  • Registration Chart


          New booklet available Spring 2018

  • Keuring Participation Survey

If you are considering participating in a 2018 keuring, please take a moment to send in this survey. This helps the organization decide where to host keurings.
2018 Keuring Survey


  • Willy Arts Grant
    Little Creek Farm sponsors three annual Willy Arts Grants for Young Riders intended to aid in the development of KWPN-NA horse/rider combinations competing in Young Rider divisions.
    •  Applicant must be a current KWPN-NA member (full, associate or youth) between the ages of 16 and 21.
    •  Applicant must be owner of record of the horse or have a valid lease on file with KWPN-NA office.
    •  Horse must be KWPN registered and have papers on file at the KWPN-NA office.
    Winners may use funds to pay for lessons, clinics, seminars, demonstrations and/or competition fees. Grant applications are due in the KWPN-NA office by February 1 of the show year.
    Willy Arts Young Rider Grant Application


Advertising and Sponsorship


  • EVA Protocol Form
    Instructions for breeding to an EVA positive stallion.
    EVA Protocol PDF
  • Microchipping

          New for 2017! All horses registered from 2017 forward (whether foals or not) will be required to be microchipped. This will be a part of the registration process. If you have an older horse    who has not been previously microchipped that you would like a microchip for, please use the following form to order one. You will be required to send the horse’s original registration papers along with the form so that we can then print the horse’s new microchip number on the form once the microchip affidavit (the form you will get with the microchip itself) is returned to the office

Microchip Request Form

  • Endoscopy
    Stallions must pass Endoscopy prior to being presented for approval.
    2017 Endoscopic Examination
  • KWPN Radiograph (PROK) Evaluation
    May be done after April 1 of the 2-year-old Year.
    KWPN Radiograph regulations 09-2008.pdf
  • PROK Certificate translation
    This explains the results of the radiograph examination above.
    PROK translation.pdf
  • Pre-Advice Keuring Veterinary Examination
    Must be completed prior to Advice Keuring (stallions two and older for premium grading).
    Pre-Advice Keuring Veterinary Examination
  • General Physical and Soundness Examination
    Must be completed prior to presentation for approval.
    General Physical and Soundness Examination 
  • NEW! Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS)
  • We are proud to announce that we now offer WFFS testing via UC Davis at a discounted rate through KWPN-NA. If your horse already has a DNA profile with UC Davis, no additional sample is necessary. Just fill out the form and turn into the office.
    2018 WFFS Testing Form
  • OCD Testing
  • The owner will complete the 2 page form below to the KWPN-NA office with payment and TWO hair samples in separate Ziploc bags (one is used for a backup just in case the first fails to get a result). These samples will then be sent to the Netherlands for testing and results will be sent to the owner in 6-8 weeks. Horses who pass are then granted the “D-OC” predicate.
  • Starting in 2018, Register A mares/geldings or foreign registered mares whose sire has not met the KWPN radiographic standards must possess this DNA predicate and pass a radiographic examination for navicular syndrome and degenerative joint disease in order to have studbook acceptance.

Starting in 2018, only the D-OC test will be accepted as a method of upgrading to Elite.

The PROK exam will still be available to all horses, but it will be for the predicate only. It will NOT be accepted for stallion approval, Register A requirements or upgrading to Elite status except in the case of Harness horses.

        All KWPN Approved stallions (2017 and after) must complete the D-OC test as a part of their veterinary requirements as well as pass a radiographic examination for navicular syndrome and degenerative joint disease. After this year, the traditional radiographic (PROK) examination for OC will be discontinued as a method of stallion approval. All Riding type (jumpers, dressage, hunter) horses are eligible to submit for this predicate.

Please read more about this predicate here: OC Information via KWPN.

Harness and Gelders type horses will continue to use the PROK exam, not the OCD test.

2018 OC Testing

Navicular and Degenerative Joint Disease radiographs

These radiographs are required of any stallion going for KWPN approval or any Register A or foreign registered mare being presented for KWPN Studbook. This is in conjuction with the OCD test listed above.

KWPN Degenerative Joint Disease and Navicular Radiograph Regulations